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Black & White Photography

Door and Arches - Spanish Mission - Goliad, Texas 1992
Door and Arches - Spanish Mission - Goliad, Texas 1992

Toyo 4x5 View Camera     Lens: Rodenstock 150mm     Film: Kodak TMax 100

"The park complex, located on the San Antonio River, contains a refurnished restoration of the Spanish Colonial Era Mission of Nuestra Señora del Espíritu Santo de Zuñiga, reconstructed by the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) in the 1930s. Just down the road from the main park headquarters office, visitors can also tour the ruins of the 1750s Mission Rosario State Historic Site (by appointment) and visit the museum at Zaragoza Birthplace State Historic Site, which is open on Saturdays." From

In 1988, I moved to Cuero, Texas which is about half an hour north of this old Spanish mission. I spent a lot of time photographing here. Religious objects are some of my favorite to photograph. Right or wrong, religion has always had an impact on mankind and it always will. When I saw these arches I wanted to frame the front door within the last arch. It is impossible to do with a normal camera. The pillar is in the way. The only way to take this shot is with a view camera. By setting the camera up, then using the shift feature on the camera, sliding the front or the back to the side, moves the arch so that the door is framed by the arch. This is one of the reasons I enjoy shooting with a view camera!

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