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Black & White Photography

Texas Gospel Music Barn - Markham, Texas 1992
Texas Gospel Music Barn - Markham, Texas 1992

Toyo 4x5 View Camera     Lens: Rodenstock 150mm     Film: Kodak TMax 100

Driving down Interstate highways doesn't allow people to see America as it really is. When traveling, unless I'm in a big hurry, I prefer taking the smaller roads and highways. I was living in Alvin, Texas which is south of Houston and I was driving to see my brother and his family near Corpus Christi, Texas when I ran across this scene. At the time, I had a development tank I used to develop my negatives and transparencies. The tank was not as light tight as it should have been and I lost a lot of great photographs because of that. I eventually took a hammer to the tank so I would never be tempted to use it again and I started developing my sheet film in trays in complete darkness. Doing it that way, it is easy to scratch the film if you're not careful. Eventually, I purchased a Jobo unit with a development tank that looks like a revolver on a pistol. The sheet film looks absolutely beautiful when developed this way!

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