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Black & White Photography

Cadillac Ranch and Snow - Amarillo, Texas 1992
Cadillac Ranch and Snow - Amarillo, Texas 1992

Toyo 4x5 View Camera     Lens: Rodenstock 150mm     Film: Kodak TMax 100

It was summer and I was working with my dad. He was a painting contractor and it was the summer break from school. We had just gone home for lunch and like always, he turned the television on to hear the news while we ate. They aired a story about a man that was burying ten Cadillacs from the 1950's in a wheat field west of Amarillo. The man (Stanley Marsh) said he was in need of three specific year models of Cadillacs to complete his piece of "art." He also said that he would pay "top dollar" for those three Cadillacs. By the time we got home that evening, all ten Cadillacs were buried, at an angle in the ground and Cadillac Ranch was born. A few years out of high school, I moved away from the Texas Panhandle but I still used to go back several times to see about my parents and to see friends. After I got into photography, I would go by the Ranch every time I would go through Amarillo and I would photograph the cars to document how they would change over the years. Over forty years later, the cars are still there. They did have a problem at one time though. Amarillo began to grow to the west and it began to encroach on the Ranch so the cars were dug up and moved one mile further west where they remain to this day.

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