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Black & White Photography

Better Days - North of Lubbock, Texas circa 1994
Better Days - North of Lubbock, Texas circa 1994

Toyo 4x5 View Camera     Lens: Rodenstock 150mm     Film: Kodak TMax 100

The old wooden windmills are getting harder to find. The wood rots away over the years and there isn't as much of a need for windmills as there used to be. Once the Indian "problem" in the Texas Panhandle and West Texas was taken care of by killing the buffalo and by killing the Indians' ponies, a lack of water in that area was a major problem. There are very few streams and almost no lakes. As the white man began to settle this area, they began to drill wells into the Ogallala aquifer and found an abundance of water. What was considered for many years to be the great American desert, the Great Plains became habitable and crops could be grown in abundance because of irrigation. This scene reminds me of better days when someone farmed this land with those old tractors and provision was made for them with the water that was pumped out of the ground with that windmill.

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