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Color Photography

When I got my first camera, back around 1978, I started developing color transparencies. Then I started shooting black and white and developing and printing my own negatives and prints. I owe Ansel Adams a debt of gratitude for all of the books he wrote which taught me how to shoot black and white photographs the way they should be. At the time, color photography wasn't great. The images were flat and empty. For me, that changed with the release of Fuji Velvia film (IS0) 50. Kodak answered a few years later with their Ektachrome 100VS (ISO 100). I liked the extra stop with the 100 speed film. I bought it by the cases when I was shooting with Nikon F5. Both films yield excellent saturation and vibrance. I now have, literally, thousands and thousands of slides.

Here are some of the photographs I have taken over the years with a number of different cameras. I hope you enjoy them. If you do, please drop me a line and let me know at Jay(remove this)

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Featured Photograph

Storm Mountain and Cottonwood Tree - Big Cottonwood Canyon - Utah circa 2002

Camera: Toyo 4x5 VX125b View Camera     Lens: Rodenstock 150mm     Film: Fuji Velvia     ISO: 50    Dimensions: 5548 x 4316      Size: 21.5MB  

Storm Mountain lies just to the east of Salt Lake City up Big Cottonwood Canyon. Each year, fall brings a gorgeous bouquet of colors which match the mountain perfectly. It only takes a few minutes to escape the hustle and bustle of the city life and to get up into the rugged Wasatch Range. Watch for moose right before sundown and you probably won't be disappointed.



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