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Black & White Photography

I remember being awestruck when I first saw a reproduction of one of Ansel Adam's photographs. To this day, he remains my photographic mentor. Even after death, through the many books he wrote and through the availability of Adam's work, people are still drawn to the lens of a camera.

When scientists began to discover how to create color film, many photographic purists thought that color photography was a novelty that would soon pass. Many times, the color in a scene can distract from the emotionalism of the scene. Color can express a certain amount of emotionalism too if done correctly. Black and white photography though still instills a sense of feeling when viewed.

Ansel Adams also left us a great treasure by teaching the Zone System. The Zone System is a method to aid the photographer in proper exposure of negative and print. Through this system, the photographer is able to "previsualize" a scene before actually making the photograph.

When I stepped up to the use of a view camera around 1992, my (photographic) world opened up! The view camera gives the photographer complete perspective control of a scene allowing him to make a photograph that could not otherwise be captured.

Digital imaging has taken the place of photography and with very good results. All of the black & white photos you see here were taken with a 4x5 view camera and the negatives have been scanned with an Epson 1200U scanner to the highest resolution possible.

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Featured Photograph
Snake River and The Grand Tetons - Grand Teton National Park, circa 2003

Snake River and The Grand Tetons - Grand Teton National Park, circa 2003

In 1942, Ansel Adams made a trip to the Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks. He made a photograph from almost the same place that I photographed this one. I have found, that as Adams got older, he photographed scenes that were close to the road. I have the great fortune of being able to photograph some of the same scenes that he photographed throughout his life and many that he didn't. I made this photograph with my Toyo VX125b about sixty years after Adams made his, sometime after 2000. I just happened to catch a storm that was brewing over the Grand Teton!



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