John McMullan was born in Tralee, Ireland in 1740. This city is on the west coast of Ireland, sixteen miles south of Galway City. It is a small seaport with most of the people either farming or living from the sea. During the period of John McMullan's early life there was much work in the small ship construction at Tralee and Galway. John was the son of Patrick Joseph McMullan and brother to Frank (Francis), Sinclair, Patrick and Daniel who had gone to the city of Dublin to work as ship builders, carpenters, caulkers or repairmen to sailing vessels. John followed them there when he was eighteen years of age and worked as an apprentice at the same trade or as a tailor. When John McMullan was twenty years of age, he got employment on a large sailing vessel bound for the new world and Virginia.

Some say that John worked as a tailor for several years when he came to Orange, Virginia. This writer has never verified this, and it seems to me that he was mostly a planter and farmer as you can see by his will upon death that he owned several slaves and had so for many years.

John McMullan's grave was marked in 1896 as follows:

In Memory of John McMullan
Born in Ireland 1740
Emigrated to Virginia in 1760
Was a Soldier in the War of 1776 (Revolution)
Moved to Georgia in 1797
Died December 1817

Click on Map for a Larger ViewJohn McMullan married, the first time, Theodosia Beasely, in Orange County, Virginia about 1766 or 1767; they had five children by this union. John McMullan later married Elizabeth Stowers in Orange County, Virginia 1786. She was born in Orange County, Virginia 1763 and died in Clayton County, Georgia in 1848. She was the daughter of Mark Stowers, a revolutionary war soldier. Elizabeth Stowers, wife of John McMullan, remarried years after his death to James Prather, January 24, 1839.

After the War was over, John McMullan was granted 400 acres of land on Swift Run Creek or River in Orange County, Virginia for his services in the Continental Army by the Commonwealth of Virgina.

From the land records of Elbert County, Georgia, 1791 - 1823, in the land lottery of 1806, John McMullan and twelve in his family received two draws, or about 1240 acres in Captain Isaac Barret's district. John McMullan was a testator to the will of William Alexander which was registered in June 1806, in Elbert County, Georgia.

From the book, "History of the McMullan and Allied Families" by Captain Albert McMullan, USNR Ret.


I was in Decatur, Mississippi in 2003 and met Bonnie McMullan who has possession of John McMullan's trunk. John brought all of his possessions to America in that trunk. It was previously in the possession of Miley McMullan and we were afraid that when he had passed away that the trunk had been disposed of. A special thanks to Bonnie for taking care of such a valuable heirlloom! These photographs were from a trip I made to Decatur, MS in October, 2012.

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