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Can You Help Add to the McMullan Family History?

People are interested in family history for many reasons. The Mormon or LDS Church has a huge Family History Library in Salt Lake City. Many Mormons trace their family history for religious reasons. Others, like me, do it for fun. I find it fascinating to see where my family came from. I especially like to see of photographs of family members and I treasure stories that are told about my ancestors.

Through modern technology, namely the Internet, many people are able to find out more about family members than ever before. The Internet has literally made the world a smaller place when it comes to information. There are certain Internet sites devoted exclusively to genealogical research. One of the problems I have found with many of these sites is the amount of money they require you to pay to be a member of their site. Granted, there is a lot of information on those sites and it costs money for computer file storage and web page programmers. It is my intention, to make this a completely FREE site for the McMullan family. But, I need your help! Right now, I have a limited number of family photographs from members of my family line. I need all of you who have photographs of other family members to scan them and E-Mail them to me. Also, I need stories of family members. If you have stories of our ancestors, please E-Mail them to me also.

If you do send me stories or photographs, please try to follow the following guidelines to help me make this site work:

Photos need to be in the .jpg format if at all possible. Please try to keep the size of the photographs to around 500 pixels on the longest side.

Stories can be sent to me in Microsoft Word, Corel Wordperfect, or .txt files. Please to try to do a spell check and a grammar check before sending the file. This saves me a lot of time.

With your help, we can have one of the most complete family histories available electronically.

Thank you,

Jay S. McMullan

E-Mail to: Jay(remove this for nospam)@JayMc.com

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