My Condolences

June 07, 2013

Last night, I was looking back over the story I wrote about my trip back to Mississippi and Georgia to find out more about the McMullan family. I have some very fond memories of that trip and all the fabulous people I met along the way. Since the trip, we have lost several of the people that I was fortunate enough to meet.

Roger Burkes, the hmeband of Ann Burkes of Decatur, Mississippi were the first family members that I met on my trip. Ann's mother was a McMullan. Roger had been in bad health and it wasn't too long after I was in Mississippi that Ann lost Roger. Ann and Roger were so gracious to drive me around and show me all of the things around Decatur and Newton, Mississippi.

The Burkes and I met up with Stephen and Eileen McMullan and I got to meet their grandfather, Charles Terrell McMullan, better known as "Mr. Bully". He passed away not long after my trip. I also met Bonnie McMullan who has John McMullan's trunk. Her husband, Grayson, passed away not long after my trip also.

Jerry Cleveland, the husband of Kay Cleveland of Harwell, Georgia were the family members that I met up with in Georgia. Just like the Burkes in Mississippi, Jerry and Kay were so gracious. They took me around to see all of the sites and recounted McMullan history. I called Jerry about an hour and a half out of Hartwell to get directions to their home. A couple of minutes after I spoke to Kay, Jerry called me back and invited me to have dinner with them and they also opened their home to me.

Will Carter, Cynthia Carter's husband was at the Cleveland's home when I arrived. Will's mother was a McMullan. When I pulled up in my big four wheel drive pickup, Will yelled to his wife, "Honey, he is one of us!" I still laugh about that.

In August 2007, I lost my father, Jack McMullan and early in 2009, we lost my aunt, Zuma (McMullan) Sutton. I'm sure there have been others that I have missed.

All of these people are and were absolutely wonderful. I will always be grateful for their hospitality. They really made my "McMullan Trip" a fun time and I learned so much more about our family.

My condolences go out to the families.


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