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Jay McMullan

Four decades ago, I began my career as a professional photographer. Throughout the years I have trained under several Master Photographers across the United States. In 1983, I was awarded a scholarship to the prestigious Texas School of Professional Photography where I studied photography under Master Photographer David Smith from Stone Mountain, Georgia.

I have honed my craft for four decades and I'm available to make beautiful portraits of you and your family which will be valuable family heirlooms for generations to come. No matter what kind of photographic needs you have, I can make the perfect photographs for you!

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Complete Photographic and Digital Imaging Services
Large Format Film Photography (4x5) - Digital Imaging and Film Photography
Black & White, Color Positive and Color Negative
In House Black & White Film Development
Negative and Positive Scanning Services
Full Array of Photoshop Retouching, Enhancement and Manipulation
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Plus the Following:

Exquisite In-Home Portraiture

Let's face it, it is not easy to have to find time to get you and your family to a photography studio for family portraits. Because of this, I will come to you to create incredible portraits taken in the comfort of your own home! I can photograph individuals, couples, groups, children and pets. I can also come to your office and photograph you in your office surroundings for incredible executive portraits.



There are so many other times in your life when professional photographs are a must. Are you going to have a child? Let me take photographs of you thoughout your pregnancy. They can be put into a beautiful folio for you to enjoy for the rest of your life. Use professional portraits for engagement announcements or for the big reveal when you find out what sex your baby will be! Brides shouldn't trust a wedding photographer to get studio quality portraits of you in your wedding dress on that special day. I will come to your house or any other location a couple of weeks before the wedding and shoot stunning portraits of you in your wedding gown. How about portraits of you new grandparents with that new grandchild! There is no better way to capture memories and to chronicle your life than with fine art photographs by Jay McMullan!

Beautiful Outdoor Portraiture

Florida is known as the Sunshine State for a reason. Why not have your portrait and your family's portraits made outdoors in beautiful Central Florida?


Commercial and Product Photography

Let me photograph the products you manufacture or do a photoshoot for your business. Let's face it, you have invested a lot of your life in creating a unique product. You don't want cheap snapshots of your product! I will create stunning images of your products and your brand that will reflect the quality that you demand.

How about an employee directory? I can come to your business location and take photographs of your employes. They can be photographed with a regular background or they can be photographed in their actual working enviornment. This is perfect for images for your company's website and publications.

Do you have a car or motorcycle that you are extremely proud of? Let me make some photos of it for you.

I offer photograph sizes from wallets up to mural and billboard size. There is no better way to capture your memories than with an exquisite photograph made by Jay McMullan.


Model Portfolios

Allow me to help you build a stunning portfolio of images of yourself. There are many movies and television commercials filmed right here in Central Florida. The better a portfolio you have, the better you have of landing an acting job!



Industrial Photography

I can shoot breathtaking images for advertising, your company's Annual Report, Budget Reports and any other type of document you require. You put a lot of effort into what your company does, you need a photographer that will take photographs that will reflect that quality and value. Is your business expanding? Let me capture it with stunning photographs. One photograph truly can speak more than a thousand words!

Call me and we can talk about your specific needs for superb photogaphs that will do your product justice!



I have been teaching photographic workshops for several years. By taking photographers into the studio and/or into the field, they get hands on training to help them master the art of light and composition. I am currently offering two workshops. Click Here for more information.

Mastering the View Camera

Some people still love doing things the old way. View cameras will make photographs that no other cameras can. Some of the things they will do can be reproduced in Photoshop but some can't. Because of the large film area that a view camera produces, less magnification is needed to make very large prints and so the quality of the photographs is amazing. View cameras were used for advertising, commercial and landscape photography. With the advent of digital imaging, using the view camera is quickly becoming a dying and lost art. If you would like to learn to master the view camera, I still offer my two day course. If you only have one day, I can also accommodate you. Weekend and weekday classes are available. Along with hands on training in the field, each participant will receive a copy of my workshop publication. Workbooks are available by special order. Click Here

Mastering the Digital Camera

The "Mastering the Digital Camera" workshop and workbook is basic enough for the beginning photographer yet deep enough to enlighten even the most seasoned professional photographers. This is a two day class. The first day is spent in the classroom learning the basic and advanced features of digital cameras. The second day is spent in the field applying the things learned the first day along with other photographic procedures. Space is limited so that I can give personal, hands-on instruction. Click Here

In-Home and In-Office Wall Decor

Landscape Photography is one of my specialties. I spent 16 years in Utah and the Mountain West photographing the beautiful landscapes there. These stunning landscapes make the perfect wall decor for your home or office. Take a look here.

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