Beautiful, High Mountain Scenery

The San Juan mountains in Colorado have to be my favorite place on earth. Some of these mountains rise higher than 14,000 feet (4,200 meters) above sea level! The roads on Engineer Pass and Cinnamon Pass take you above 12,000 feet. There are numerous old gold mines and ghost towns along these roads. Most SUV's can make it along each road but there are some rough spots. A great way to see this part of the country is to leave early from Ouray, Colorado and drive over Engineer Pass to Lake City, Colorado for lunch. Then the trip continues on over Cinnamon Pass, through the old ghosttown of Animas Forks and then to Silverton, Colorado.

Here is my truck on top of Engineer Pass! The scenery is breathtaking!
Here I am with my hat!
A dam, built years and years ago
Ghost towns are all over up here
Interesting history abounds here
There is no place prettier
They call these mountains the "American Alps"
High above the treeline, this is one of the few places alpine tundra grows
This is heaven on earth!
You can ski all year long up here
On top of Cinnamon Pass
My wife and I in 2000
What a beautiful place to live!

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