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I purchased my 1992 Dodge Dakota in April 1992 from Archer Dodge in Houston, Texas. This was the only Dakota LE in the Houston area at the time. Archer Dodge drove to Tomball, Texas and picked it up for me. When it arrived in Houston, it had approximately 42 miles on it. Now, in February 2015, I have well over 350,000 miles on the truck and have made some major suspension changes.

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This is Obviously NOT Your Typical Dodge Dakota!

Current Specifications and Modifications
Made to My Dodge Dakota

- 1992 Dodge Dakota LE

- 3 inch exhaust with high performance catalytic converter and muffler

- Mopar High Performance Computer

- K&N Air Filter

- 230 hp 5.2 Liter Magnum Engine

- Dana 44 Solid Front Axle

- Ford 9" Rear Axle

- ARB Air Lockers, Front and Rear

- 4:11 Gears

- 6" Superlift Springs on Front Axle

- 4" Blocks on Rear Axle with Shackleover

- Customized Steering Setup to Eliminate Bump Steer

- Currie Slip Yoke Eliminator Kit and Custom Drive Shafts

- Rancho RS5000 Shock Absorbers

- 15X10 Wheels with 33X12.50X15 Pro Comp Mud Radials

- Century Fiberglass Shell w/Carpet Kit and Accessory Rack

- Many more mods!

When this truck was built, I lived in Salt Lake City, Utah. One day I was just outside of Moab, Utah and I was pulled over by a Utah Highway Patrolman. At the time, the truck was one inch higher than the Utah lift limits. The Highway Patrolman crawled underneath the truck, measuring and inspecting the conversion. When he came out about 20 minutes later, he told me, "I have seen a lot of conversions around Moab and most of them are junk. This is the best conversion I have ever seen!" With that, he let me go!



Many of the trails that I take my truck on are not suited for stock vehicles, including 4x4's and SUV's. These trails are suited only for highly customized four wheel drive vehicles and expert, experienced drivers. It is not uncommon for vehicles to sustain major body damage and mechanical damage on these trails. Tow trucks cannot get to most of these trails and if they can, their charges will be very expensive to retrieve a vehicle. Many of these trails are in extreme desert conditions. Extra food, water and first aid supplies MUST be carried on all trails. Simple injuries can be life threatening due to the remote location of these trails. Always travel on these trails with at least one other vehicle and let people know where you will be.


The 1992 Dodge Dakota was FourWheeler Magazine's 1992
Truck of the Year

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