We Go Home the Hard Way!

We didn't just want to take the highway home so we took the backroads. The road starts out easy on maintained gravel roads but quickly deteriorates to a road that looks like it hasn't been traveled by anyone in years. We ended up at Crystal Geyser. I have only seen this geyser go off once and it was quite a site! I was more impressed with it than I was with Old Faithful in Yellowstone National Park. The geyser is actually a well that was drilled next to the Green River. Carbon dioxide builds up and makes the geyser go off about every 21 hours.

When we got ready to leave, my truck wouldn't start. I've had this problem before with the fuel pumps used in the Dodge Dakota. I've already replaced four of them. Usually after the engine cools off the truck will start. It was so hot that day that it acted like the engine wasn't going to start at all. I told my wife not to worry because a lot of people come out to see the geyser and I was sure someone would be along. Sure enough, about two hours after we tried to leave, a lady that lives down the road came along and called a wrecker for us in Green River. I didn't get her name, but a BIG thanks to her for her help! Thirty or fourty-five minutes later I could hear the wrecker coming around the corner and I tried the truck again and it started! I paid the wrecker driver for his trouble and headed back home.

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This road starts out as an easy graded road
The first part of the trail is well marked
This sign marks some kind of mine
This is the mine, we missed the road that turns right before entering
This was dinasaur land
This is Crystal Geyser
CO2 makes this geyser erupt about once a day
Beautiful minerals have built up over the years as the water from the geyser runs down to the river


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