Creek and Boulder Crossings

This was my second trip on the Kane Creek Canyon trail. It was much easier getting through this time. The first time we had to turn around and go back. There had been major flooding just a day or two before our first trip and I could not get through the trail. This trail is awesome. There are more than 50 creek crossing and some very large boulders that cause stock vehicles some real grief getting out of the canyon. These boulders are on the high side of the 3 1/2 rating given to the trail by the Red Rock 4Wheelers. If you taKe the trail and have problems getting out of the canyon you can always go back the way you came in.

My stepson, Cody, gave me a hand on the trails

Everyone stops to air down their tires

These trails are open to everyone, we need to keep it that way!

Susie WedlaKe from Washington has one of the best Jeeps I've seen!

This is a very scenic trail

This guy broke a spring bracket at the first of the trail and now his transmission


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