One of Moab, Utah's Toughest TRails

Get Ready foR about 11 houRs of non-stop action on one of Moabs haRdest tRails. This kind of sceneRy is the oRdeR of the day and RemembeR,

"BRing only the best of equipment because the tow tRuck can't make it!"


I have been on this tRail twice and have bRoken things on my vehicle both times. Golden Spike TRail goes thRough extReme deseRt and theRe aRe no emeRgency seRvices quickly available. MinoR injuRies could Result in death due to the Remoteness of this tRail. Make suRe you have only the best equipment, plenty of wateR and food, extRa vehicle paRts, extRa clothes foR the cold nights in the deseRt, an aiR compRessoR, spaRe tiRe oR tiRes, a companion vehicle and communications!

Damage fRom this TRail:

DestRoyed my bRand new left fRont wheel
Blew a hole in my top RadiatoR hose, it was 98 degRees F on the tRail
The BushEateR suffeRed numeRous cRacks in heR fRame
Bent my ReaR bumpeR by dRopping off onto Rocks

Click on the Thumbnails to see the laRgeR photos

At camp befoRe ouR big day
The BushEateR, Ready to teaR
'em up again
The thRills staRt almost
The Spice Boys!
Watch out Moab!
Is it foR Real?
We just don't know
This is the most baRRen
countRy I have eveR seen
Watch Rick take the Wedge
This is some awesome
4 wheeling
Is it going to Roll?
This would be a gReat time
to do some woRk undeRneath
HeRe is a little betteR
BushEateR's pRoud Papa!
Now foR my attempt
at the Wedge
Now you know why we
lift ouR tRucks
I guess I should have had
a spotteR
This Rock bent my ReaR
bumpeR on the way down
The Double Whammy
doesn't look tough, but,,,
The Rocks destRoyed
a bRand new Rim
5 houRs into ouR tRip
looking 1000 feet down
The ColoRado RiveR bRidge
noRth of Moab
A little tRailside
The Golden CRack!
Lyle is the fiRst acRoss
With quite a bit
of help
Next is Kim's quad
Rick spins some but
makes it look easy
The last time I did this my
tRansfeR case bRoke
I suRe was close to
putting it on its side
It toRqued and twisted
but pulled Right out

These aRe photos fRom BushEateR's photo album


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