The Hardest Trail in Moab

This is the only trail that has ever received a rating of 5 by the Red Rock Fourwheelers of Moab. When the trail is run at the Easter Jeep Safari, locking differentials and a winch are required on all vehicles.

Let me tell you, this is one incredible trail. The guys I went with say it has gotten quite a bit worse in the last two years. Everything was fun until we got to the Rocker Knocker. This is an incredible obstacle! I was climbing right over everything until we got there. When I would try to go up I would slip toward a big boulder that is famous for destroying rocker panels. My driver's door would have been the victim of this rocks appetite but I had no desire to feed the door to it. I finally found a new approach and drove right up to the amazement of my friends. The ARB air lockers I put on my truck are worth every penny!

I was really looking forward to the Rock Pile, an unbelievably hard obstacle that most vehicles have to be winched over. They pile huge rocks at the bottom just so you can get the front of your truck up on the slickrock ledge that towers at least six feet high. Unfortunately, a few yards before the rock pile is a pretty formidable obstacle. It is a ledge that is about four feet high. I had a good line on going up this obstacle and should have made it but the rear wheels on my truck slipped on the loose sand and fell down the ledge, smashing my rear driveshaft! The rest of the canyon took us about 4 hours to get out of, having to winch my truck up the rest of the trail. The next morning I drove to Grand Junction in front wheel drive and had my rear driveshaft rebuilt but that ended the weekend for me. Next time I take a trail like this, I will have a spare driveshaft ready to bolt in.

Damage from this Trail:

Destroyed my rear driveshaft

Click on the Thumbnails to see the larger photos

One of the toughest trails I've ever been on in a beautiful canyon
Rick takes BushEater over an obstacle early in the trail
The obstacle doesn't stand a chance as BushEater dominates it
NutHole Spice gets a little help over the Rocker Knocker
photos NEVER show how difficult these things are and this one is TOUGH!
The BushEater in all her glory
My truck is a climbing son of a gun with the ARB's and long wheelbase
I really don't know if I'll ever do this trail again
The Spice Boys
The BushEater tackles one of Prithett Canyon's obstacles
And now its my turn
With the AirLockers I was able to go right up
The Rocker Knocker is one heck of an obstacle
I was finally able to drive right up after getting the right angle
You just can't tell how tough this is by photographs
This spot is always muddy
And its rough!
After whipping every obstacle so far, I'm about to break something
No big deal so far
UhOh, something crunched
Yep, it was my driveshaft
Nuthole Spice gets a closer look at the damage
About 1/4 mile left and it took us about 4 hours with a winch to get out
Here is my week old driveshaft


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