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McMullan & Allied Families Family Tree, Version 1740d-Anc
16 February 2020
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New source shows that John Patrick McMullan could have been an indentured servant after coming to America. Click Here

John Patrick McMullan was born in Ireland and when he was about twenty years old, around 1760, he emigrated to British Colonial America.

John would marry and start a family but then the Revolutionary War broke out in America. John served in an all-Irish volunteer group. When he finally returned home, his wife was gone. He had five children with her and after he remarried, he had ten more. John became the progenitor of hundreds and thousands of McMullan's across the United States of America! From humble beginnings in Virginia, in 1797, John, his second wife and all but two of his children loaded up all their belongings and moved to northeastern Georgia where more land and more opportunities awaited. McMullan's spread out through Georgia, Mississippi, Florida, Alabama, Arkansas, Louisiana, Texas, Indiana and even further.

John's descendants served on both sides of the American Civil War. Many McMullan's were farmers, businessmen, ministers and about any other occupation you can imagine. It is to those McMullan's that this web site is dedicated!

Much of John's life is shrouded in mystery. We have not been able to find any birth records for John in Ireland. We have been told he was born in or around 1740 and that he came to America in or around 1760. We were told his ship came into Norfolk, Virgina. More than likely John was born after 1740 and instead of his ship coming into Virginia, most immigrants came through Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. On top of all of that, John was very likely an indentured servant.

I recently found his name as it was listed in the Philadelphia Gazzette. He was a runaway slave (indentured servant) and he was born in 1743. Is this our John Patrick McMullan. Did he run all the way to Virginia to escape his indenture? Some of these things we may never know.

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McMullans are Part of the Scottish Clan MacMillan

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