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The "McMullan & Allied Families History" file is a work in progress.

I originally started a McMullan Family Tree in 2002, using Captain Albert McMullan's book, History of McMullan & Allied Families. Later, I found that there are many errors, mostly spelling, in the book plus, it was published around 1970 so it goes no further than that. I have scanned the book and when I have it edited, I will make it available on this site.

In November 2019, I decided to start a completely new McMullan Family Tree beginning with information available from It would make sense that most family members would make sure the name and dates of birth and death would be correct on their loved ones' gravestones. This works well for those who have passed away but it still leaves blanks in our Family Tree where we don't know who all the living McMullans are.

Weekly, more McMullans will be added to this list as I have time to do the work.

Who Are We Related To?

If you are related to John McMullan (which makes sense if you are here) then you are related to the following people. Click to the link to learn more about them.

Robert I “The Bruce” King of Scotland
James I Stewart King of Scotland
James II King of Scotland
James III King of Scotland
James IV King of Scotland

James V

King of Scotland
James VI King of Scotland - Also James I King of England
Mary Stewart Countess of Arran
Joan Beaufort Queen of Scots
Charles I King of England
George II, Georg August King of Great Britain
George III King of Great Britain
Victoria Queen of England
John Glenn United States Astronaut and Senator



If you know who your grandfather and great grandfather are, I can normally find your line back to John McMullan, our original ancestor and further. My family tree "JohnMcMullan1743" has 5,584 people as of March 5, 2021. I'm amazed at how many descendants came from John McMullan in 250 years. Just about when I think I have every family line listed, I find another branch in our family tree.

Please help me make our family tree complete by providing names of the living McMullans in your family. It doesn't take long to gather this information and by providing it, you are helping me build the best, most accurate McMullan family history available.


Names - Parents, Grandparents, Spouse, Children, Grand Children, Great Grandchildren, etc.

Date of Birth and Location (City, County, State) of Birth.

Interesting Family Stories, Newspaper Clippings, Photographs, etc.

Please share the link to this website!

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>>>Start with John Patrick McMullan, Our Common Ancestor Who Came From Ireland Around 1760<<<
Click Here

Name             Information          
Anderson, Elizabeth McMullan Click Here Will
Beasley, Theodosia Beck Click Here Images and history
Huff, Polly McMullan Click Here Will
McMullan, Daniel Click Here Will
McMullan, Frank Burkett Click Here History and family photographs
McMullan, Homer L. Fry, Sr. Click Here Photographs, Birth Certificate, Family
McMullan, Hubert Newton Click Here Photographs, Homestead Papers, Obituary, Etc.
McMullan, Jack Murrel Click Here History and family photograph.
McMullan, John F. Click Here Obituary
McMullan, John Jr. Click Here Will
McMullan, John Patrick Click Here Our ORIGINAL ANCESTOR! Photos, Maps, History.
McMullan, Martha Ann "Nettie" Click Here Photographs, Homestead Papers, Obituary, Etc.
McMullan, Patrick "Sr" Click Here Information on Patrick's grave site, estate inventory at the time of his death.
McMullan, Susan Elizabeth "Sudie" Click Here Photograph, More.
McMullan, Thomas Jefferson Click Here Photographs, Maps, Census Information from 1860 and 1870.
McMullan, Thomas T. Click Here Will
McMullan, William Jessie Click Here Photograph, Autobiography
McMullan, William Rufus Click Here Photographs, More.
Oyler, Nancy Click Here Photographs, History
Reynolds, Thomas Jefferson Click Here Photographs, History
Ward, Sarah Elizabeth McMullan Click Here Photograph, Family Bible Scans
Information on More McMullans & Allied Families are Coming Soon!

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McMullan & Allied Families Family Tree, Version 1740d-Anc
6 February 2020
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Family HIstory Trip - 2003 - My wife and I drove 5,220 miles in two weeks to explore where my ancestors lived. We met many wonderful members of the McMullan family on our trip. We traveled through twelve different states and drove over 93 hours! This is the story of our trip.

McMullan/Rice Mill - Nick Constant sent me photos of the old McMullan Rice Mill near Hartwell, Georgia.

McMullans in North Carolina - Harry Rood sent this information on McMullans in North Carolina.


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