Are You Wanting to Learn to Play the Harmonica?

Links to Harmonica Lessons

When I bought my first harmonica many years ago, the only way to learn to play was to have a teacher, to figure it out by yourself or to read a book. Today, with the Internet, there are many FREE lessons available and anyone, with a little self motivation can learn to play the harmonica well.

Here are some links to good, FREE, harmonica lessons on the World Wide Web!

Mitch Grainger teaches Harmonica
Gussow teaches Lesson One on playing the harmonica
Gindick teaches the harmonica
Dan Jones teaches the harmonica
J.P. Allen teaches the Harmonica
Annie Raines teaches harmonica
Learn it Online Today harmonica lessons
Lee Sankey on which harmonica to buy first
John Sebastian on the harmonica
The beginning of Dan Gage's series on the harmonica


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