Beautiful Deep Canyons and Sandy Roads

This is the second time I have driven over Flat Iron Mesa trail on the Red Rock 4 Wheeler's Easter Jeep Safari. This time was on Saturday, March 30, 2002. The weather could not have been better. We had 55 vehicles on the trail and they quickly started breaking parts. The trail has a couple of hair raising hills that are rocky and slippery. There are also a couple of steep descents, Tilt a Wheel and Easter Egg Hill. Both hills are very worthy of their 4 rating. The Intimidator makes your life flash before your eyes because if you get too close to the edge you and your vehicle could end up 700 feet below. For the faint of heart, all of the obstacles on this trail can be bypassed. For this reason, I will be taking my wife on this trail soon. This is really a fun trail!

We all line up to air down our tires

For potty breaks, men to the left adn women to the right!

With 55 vehicles on the trail we had to stop and wait several times

Some vehicles broke parts very quickly into the trail

This is cryptobiotic soil. It is very fragile and takes years to grow

This is a very scenic trail

Buddy the dog loves to 4 wheel!

Here I am coming down Easter Egg Hill, boy what a trip

On the Intimidator, I am just a couple feet from falling to the bottom of the canyon


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