Rocky, Muddy, Fourwheeling

My wife and I had been wanting to drive down Kane Creek Canyon but the last time we were in Moab there was rain in the forecast. Flash floods are common in this type of country and that trip was not the time to go. This trip down, it was much dryer so we took off down Kane Creek. The trail is eroding badly in some spots and in a few years, full size vehicles won't even be able to get down this trail. These trails are not maintained and erosion will finally put a stop to all vehicle travel, it's just a matter of time.

As we travelled down the trail, it was rough but nothing too bad. We followed the route and GPS waypoints in a book we had bought. The trail is supposed to cross Kane Creek somewhere around 60 times. When we got to the water crossings it got harder to find the trail. It was evident that there had been a flood within just the last few days. We finally came to a point that a tree had washed across the trail and it was as far as we could go. We turned around and as we were leaving we met Jay and Lisa Olson and Lisa's brother Dane. Jay has a Jeep Cherokee that he just recently put a 4 inch lift on. We told them about the tree and waited to see if they came back. They didn't come back soon so we went back to see if they had found a way to cross the creek. They were still looking for a crossing when we got there. We finally decided to try and chop the tree enough with a hatchett that I could pull it and break it then drag it out of the creek. After a lot of work we were able to do just that.

We made it past the tree but at the next crossing I got my front axle stuck in some very deep mud. When you get stuck with 4 wheel drive and locking differentials, you know you are stuck. Jay was able to hook his Jeep to my truck and yank me out of the mud after several tries.

We got stuck in one other deep mud bog and were able to get out of that one. Then we finally came to a place that we weren't sure we could get down. We turned back and headed for town.

This trail might be easier when it has been dry for a little longer. We made it just over half way down the trail before turning back. I would definitely recommend a winch for this trail. It sure might save someone having to leave their truck in the creek.

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Turn left to Kane Creek, Right to Hurrah Pass
The road is narrow and did scratch my truck
The water gets deep enough to get inside your vehicle if you aren't careful
Here is where I hooked onto the downed tree to clear our trail
Jay Olson used my dull hatchett to chop the tree in two
Pulling the tree out of Kane Creek
Notice my bare feet!
Lisa, Jay and Dane
Jay Olson's Jeep did a GREAT job on this difficult trail


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