This is a Hardcore Trail that Gets Worse Every Year

Poison Spider Mesa is a fun, hardcore trail. It begins from the trailhead off of Potash Road on the southern side of the Colorado River just out of Moab. This trail seems to get worse every year. The rocky drive at the beginning of the trail rattles your bones enough to get you ready for the rest of the trail. The first major obstacle you reach is the Waterfall. Steep slickrock coated with fine sand will get your attention if your rig doesn't have locking differentials. Then the Wedgie! One of my favorite obstacles. The Wedgie is, just as it says, a wedge. Most vehicles split it and drive out with tires on both sides of the wedge. Those that want a little more of a thrill, drive right down through the wedge, almost tipping their vehicles over. Then at the end is a tough ledge that I could never get out of with open differentials. Jeeps stand almost straight up as they go up this ledge. With my new ARB's I drove right out of the Wedgie!

Look at the Golden Spike page to see photos of the Wedgie and some of the other parts of this trail. Golden Spike uses a major portion of Poison Spider Mesa as the beginning of its trail. There is some beautiful scenery on this trail. Take your camera if you go!

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I love this scenery!
Another view
Is there any other place like this on earth?


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