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Read through the Bible in One Year


There are many good Christian links on the Internet. Below are a few.

Hebrews 10:24 -  and let us consider one another to provoke unto love and good works;

First Baptist Church Orlando
- Pastor David Uth

What an honor it is for me to sit under Pastor David Uth and to have my Forever Family in this church!


Jay McMullan's Christian Website

On my website, I have many teachings about what God's Word, the Bible, has to say I add new studies frequently so check back often!


Bob Yandian Ministries

Bob was an instructor at Rhema Bible College and pastored Grace Church in Tulsa for many years. He is the best Bible teacher I have ever heard!


Charles Stanley's "In Touch" Ministry

Dr. Stanley is an outstanding Bible teacher and pastor of First Baptist Church in Atlanta, Georgia.


Rhema Bible College / Kenneth Hagin Ministries

I graduated from Rhema Bible College in 1986. I would highly recommend Rhema Bible College to anyone that contemplating going into the ministry of if you want to grow in God's Word..

Bible Gateway

Choose from MANY translations of the Bible and also in MANY different languages. I use this website often when preparing my lessons.

Online Parallel Bible

Another great way to study by comparing different versions of scripture.


This is another website I go to frequently to compare individual scriptures with one another.

Bible Study Helps

Find commentaries and all other kinds of things to help you study God's Word.

Word Search

I use Wordsearch to prepare my lessons and for my personal Bible study.


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