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New Pilots

Scott Griffiths soloed his Sig Fazer on July 6, 2005. Scott built his airplane from the Sig kit. He beefed it up to handle any bumps and bruises it might encounter in the learning process. Congratulations Scott!

On our second time to the modelport, the first day of summer, June 21, 2005, Mark Broadbent soloed his Avistar! Mark took off and landed successfully several times. Congratulations Mark!

Congratulations to John Byrne from Stansbury, Utah. John soloed his Alpha trainer on May 2, 2005! John landed his plane six times!

Congratulations to Ernie Albaro. Ernie soloed his Nexstar on March 21, 2005. His photo is below.

With only about 15 minutes of stick time flying our Sig Kadet II and His Horizon Hobby/Hangar 9 Alpha Trainer, my son, Eric McMullan, soloed on December 19, 2004. This was only his fourth time at the sticks. I had him make s turns with the aircraft and then had him pull through a loop. Then I had him work on using the throttle on the aircraft and make low, slow passes. Finally, he brought the airplane in and made a perfect landing. Then he took the airplane off three times and landed three more times! I was totally excited. It usually takes several hours before anyone is ready to solo and he did it with about 15 minutes total flying time! Congratulations Eric!