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Goldberg Skylark 56 ARF Removed from My RC Livery

I used to fly a Skylark 56 back in the early 80's. It was built from the kit and was all black with an HB 50 for power. I won all kinds of trophies at fun flies around the Texas and Oklahoma panhandles. When Goldberg came out with the Skylark 56 in an ARF version, I had to have one! Unfortunately, I destroyed this beautiful bird while doing a reverse Cuban 8 aerobatic maneuver. The crash was quite spectacular. The airplane hit nose first on the paved runway at the Utah Modelport and literally exploded! The airplane was a total loss. The engine and radio were heavily damaged too.


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This is one of my original designs called the Venture. It is a .40 sized sport plane. The plane uses a revolutionary way to build the fuselage which does not use any fuselage formers. The airplane is easy to build and easy to fly! Click on the photo to see more about his airplane.

Photos of My Second Bridi Super Kaos
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These photos of my Bridi Super Kaos above were taken on March 26, 2005 by my flying buddy, Ernie Albaro. This was my second Super Kaos. Back around 1982 or so, a friend of mine, Phillip Stumpf, in Spearman, Texas came out to watch me and Don Piatt fly our RC planes. Phillip suffered from diabetes and his eyesight was not doing too well. He told me he had a radio controlled airplane and asked if I would fly it. I told him I would and he brought it out the next day. The plane was the very first Super Kaos I flew. It was a fast airplane but slowed down well for landings. I had more fun flying that plane so I built my first one then. I covered it in baby blue and pink Monokote which had just come out at the time. I have loved all of Bridi's designs since then and I have built every kind of Kaos there is except for the original Kaos. I highly recommend any of these great airplanes for the intermediate RC pilot. Kits of the Killer Chaos and the Ultimate Chaos can be purchased from .

Don Piatt of Perryton, Texas taught me to fly. There is no telling how many people he has taught to fly RC airplanes over the years! Unfortunately, he isn't able to fly any longer. He deserves some kind of recognition for all he has done for the RC sport in the last 30 years. He and I used to drive all over the Texas panhandle to fly our planes. Thanks Don and God bless you BIG!!!

Photos From My Past

I started building flying models when I was a young teenager. The following photographs were taken somewhere between 1974 to 1977. The Sig Kougar in the photographs was my first of three that I have built and flown. They are excellent airplanes. In fact, this Sig Kougar is the old version. The one that is available now and has been available for a number of years is the Sig Kougar Mark II. With all of the ARF (Almost Ready to Fly) models currently available, building is a lost art, one that I still love!

Click on Each Photo for a Larger Image

The red airplane is a 1/2A combat control line airplane
This was a foam Midwest Super Chipmunk
The Chipmunk had a Fox .19 that I never could start, no starter in those days
This was one of my homebuilt 1/2A designs. I actually flew it several times. These photos were taken around 1975
The following photos were taken around 1977 or 1978
Front view of the original Kougar
I like this shot The Kougar is a great looking airplane
Painted with K&B SuperPoxy, Monokote on the wings
Powered by Fox's new Schneurle ported engine
Another one of my own 1/2A designs alongside the Kougar
Zoomed in a bit
Another cloesup
Over a quarter century later and the Kougar is still a great looking plane!