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My Xtreme Kaos Plans are FREE!*


Years ago, me and a friend were flying radio controlled aircraft at our local airport. A man from my hometown was watching us fly and he told me he had an RC airplane but he couldn't fly it. He was in his late 30's and he had diabetes. He was losing his eyesight so he wanted to know if I would fly it for him. I had him charge the batteries that night and bring it out the next day.

A Bridi Killer Kaos in Yellow and Black and a Bridi Super Kaos in Green and White. Both airplanes flew with .61 cu. in. engines. The Super Kaos had Southern Pro retracts.
A Bridi Dirty Birdy. I flew this with a Super Tigre .91.

The airplane was old. It was a Bridi Kaos and had a K&B .61 engine and an EK Logictrol radio control. I had used the EK Logictrol radios years before. The servos and batteries were huge. The servos were very slow but sufficient to fly the airplane. We fueled up and I took off. The airplane flew like a dream! It would fly very fast and then slow down to a walk. I was so impressed with the airplane that I wanted to build one. This was the beginning of my love affair with Bridi airplanes!

Top view of the Bridi Super Kaos. The wingspan is shorter than the other Kaos versions.
The Super Kaos was not the most beautiful airplane in my opinion but it was one of the best flying RC airplanes I ever flew. I hated the short canopy. Elevator and rudder pushrods come out the port side.
Another thing I really didn't like about the Bridi Super Kaos was the vertical tail. I just think it is ugly!
Here is a closeup shot of the vertical tail and rudder on the Bridi Super Kaos. Some people had problems with the vertical tail breaking off.
The front view of the Bridi Super Kaos with an O.S. .65 LA engine. It also had Southern Pro retracts and was a great airplane!
A 3/4 view of the Bridi Super Kaos.
A Bridi Utter Kaos with a larger rudder and the wing was clipped by one rib on each side. I also used dural aluminum landing gear to make it a tail dragger.
A Fox Eagle .60 powered this Utter Kaos. Even with the clipped wing, the airplane landed slowly. Utter Kaos' are eligible for Senior Pro Pattern events.

I ordered a Bridi Super Kaos. I built it with fixed gear and covered it with Monokote's new colors pink and baby blue. I powered the airplane with a K&B .61. I had more fun with that airplane. The only problem I found with the design is that where the main gear hardwood blocks mount in the wing is a weak point. I had a hard landing and one of the main gear was forced up through the top of the airplane. I have had several Super Kaos' over the years some with fixed gear and others with retracts.

I have also built and flown some of Bridi's other designs, the Killer Kaos, the Utter Kaos and the Dirty Birdy. Some of them I built with tricycle gear and some as tail draggers (my favorite). All of Bridi's kits were very nice kits. The balsa was top quality and the cutting was perfect! They were easy to build and easy to fly. In fact, the Kaos line of planes can be used as intermediate trainers because they will slow down so slow on landing and they are so stable.

Bridi airplanes became unavailable from Joe Bridi himself several years ago. The only way to come up with a Bridi kit was to find someone who had one they would sell. Tower Hobbies came out with kits of the .40 and .60 sized kits and an ARF (almost ready to fly) in, at least, the .60 sized Super Kaos. The Tower Hobbies' Kaos' were not quite the same as Bridi's kits though. They were heavier with plywood sides and other things that just didn't equal the quality and beauty of the Bridi kits. With the Bridi kits, the longitudinal edges of the airplane can be planed down to make the fuselage have a rounded shape but the Tower Hobbies' Kaos had a cross section had a much more square design. From my experience with the Tower Hobbies' Kaos, there was a problem with aileron flutter at high speeds which quickly would result in an aileron being ripped out of the wing and a crash! They were heavier and were faster than the Bridi Kaos. They would not land as slowly either.

Finally, Bridi kits became available online once again! I ordered several but soon they became unavailable. The quality was the same as the original Bridi kits. To this day, the website is still up but the kits are unavailable. Click Here to go to the website.

I had always wanted to take the good points of each of the Kaos designs and make my own version. I finally did that a few years ago. I kept the airplane as a .60 sized plane. I have made the plans available for FREE for your personal use. For commercial use, please contact me at The only thing I ask is that if you build my Xtreme Kaos, that you will send me photos of your finished airplane.

Click below to download the three drawings of the plans.


Page 1 Fuselage
Page 2 Wing 
Page 3 Parts 


Page 1 Fuselage
Page 2 Wing 
Page 3 Parts 


Page 1 Fuselage
Page 2 Wing 
Page 3 Parts 

Building instructions on their way soon!

*Free for personal use only. For commercial use, contact

All photos, drawings, images, etc. are © by Jay S. McMullan. All rights reserved.