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The McMullans in North Carolina

Not much is known of the McMullan's that emigrated to North Carolina. Thanks to Harry Rood for this information.

The Descendants of John McMullan in North Carolina

     John McMullan (generation 1), the progenitor of our family in this country, was born in Dublin, Ireland, in 1740. In 1760 he emigrated to America and settled in the Colony of Virginia, making his home in that part of Orange County which subsequently was included in Greene County. In 1769 he married Theodosia Beasley, daughter of James Beasley of Orange County. After her death, he married Elizabeth Stowers.1

      John McMullan served in the American Army during the Revolutionary War as a private in Captain William Johnson’s Company of the 11th Virginia Regiment of Foot, under General Daniel Morgan. After the war he settled at Swift Run Gap in the Blue Ridge Mountains upon a tract of land, 600 acres, sold or granted to him by the Commonwealth of Virginia 1796.

      In 1797 he sold his property in Orange County and in December of the same year removed to the State of Georgia, settling in Elbert (now Hart) County near the present town of Hartwell. With him went all of his children except two, James and Mary, issue by his first wife.

      John McMullan died at the old homestead in Elbert County, Georgia, in December 1817. He was buried about two miles from Sardis church. The postonium [?] at Sardis was built by the Sardis McMullan’s as a memorial to him. As evidence of the affection and respect which his descendents have displayed toward the founder of their family, the following item is quoted from the Hartwell (Ga.) Sun, 1900:

     “The children of Sinclair McMullan, deceased, and other near relatives, greatly aided by Judge F. M. McMullan (married Aunt Virginia) of Virginia, have recently erected in this county, in the old family burying ground on the brow of the hill near the residence of Blackstone L. Richardson, a beautiful granite monument to the memory of John McMullan, deceased, who was born in Dublin, Ireland, in 1740, and emigrated to Virginia in 1760, where he lived until he moved part of his family to Elbert County, Georgia, in the fall of 1797. He raised 15 children, ten sons and five daughters, all of whom married and lived prosperously to old age and died leaving numerous descendents – now scattered in most of the states of the Union, and today numbering five thousand persons.

     Nearly every honorable vocation has been represented by a member of this great family and it is pretty generally true that whatever they undertook, success would follow. Many have risen to high and honorable station: quite a number being prominent in the ministry, some being distinguished lawyers, some being scientific farmers, and others who have labored in other fields have been equally successful.

      John McMullan was a man of many noble traits which were a rich inheritance for his children: strong features, positive convictions, keen intellectual insight, lofty moral ideals, and tireless energy are natural endowments which characterize the family.

      This monument, though erected more than eighty years after the death of that distinguished Virginia Soldier of the Revolution, is a lasting and fitting tribute to his memory.”
John McMullan married first Theodosia Beasley, daughter of James Beasley, who settled at Swift Run Gap in Orange county (now Greene) in 1740. James Beasley died in December 1798. His will, recorded in Orange Courthouse, names his wife, Ann Beasley and the following children: James, Charles, John, Ednum, William, Sarah, Ann (Jones), Theodosia (McMullan), Elizabeth (Watts), Mildred (Neal) and Caty (Paul).

      John and Theodosia Beasley McMullan had five children, as follows:

(Generation 2) James McMullan, born 1770, died June 6, 1842
(2) Patrick McMullan, born March 5, 1771, died October 30, 1836
(2) John McMullan
(2) Catherine McMullan
(2) Mary McMullan

     All but two of these children, James and Mary, moved to Georgia in 1779 with their father.

     By his second wife, Elizabeth Stowers, also of Orange county, John McMullan had the following children: (2) Neal McMullan, Jeremiah McMullan, Lewis McMullan, Felding McMullan, Thomas McMullan, Sinclair McMullan, Daniel McMullan, Nancy McMullan, Elizabeth McMullan, and Lavinea McMullan. All of John McMullan’s fifteen children lived to maturity and reared large families. From James and Mary, who remained in Virginia after their father’s removal to Georgia, descended the branches of the family who have settled mainly in Virginia, North Carolina, and Indiana.

(2) James McMullan

     James McMullan (2) from whom the Virginia, North Carolina, and Indiana McMullans descended, was the eldest son of John McMullan (1), the founder of the family in this Country. He was born in 1770 in Orange County. On March 24, 1796, he married Edith Kendall, daughter of John and Rose Brian (Braden) Kendall of Orange County.
John Kendall, father of Edith (Kendall) McMullan, was born about 1746. The land upon which he was born, located on South River near Saddle Back Mountain in Orange county, was settled by his father, Henry Kendall, who was born in England about 1718 and died in Orange County between 1765 and 1775. Henry Kendall’s wife was named Ruth. Their son, John Kendall, married in 1766/7 Rose Brian Braden. By her he had five children, Edith Kendall, born in Orange in 1774/5; John Kendall born 1770; William Kendall, born in Orange, 1772; Elizabeth Kendall, who moved to Illinois, settling in or near Springfield between 1815 and 1825; and Mary (Polly) Kendall. Elizabeth Kendall married Armistead Long in 1816. She died in Greene County. Mary (Polly) Kendall married George Dean. She died in Greene county. Edith Kendall married James McMullan.

     James and Edith (Kendall) McMullan lived at the old Kendall homestead on South River, which was inherited by John Kendall (father of Edith) from his father Henry Kendall.
James McMullan died June 6, 1842, in Greene county, and his wife, Edith, died February 9, 1853. They had the following children:

(3) John McMullan, born August 14, 1797; died November 25, 1881
(3) James McMullan, born December 1799; died May 22, 1873
(3) William McMullan, born May 21, 1803; died September 21, 1836
(3) Neal McMullan, born March 8, 1806
(3) Henry Kendall McMullan, born October 10, 1808; died June 15, 1888
(3) Jeremiah McMullan, born November 2, 1815; died August 19, 1873
(3) Elizabeth McMullan, born 1811; died October 22, 1861

(3) William McMullan and (3) Henry Kendall McMullan, sons of James and Edith Kendall McMullan moved to Indiana while young men.

(3) Jeremiah McMullan

(3) Jeremiah McMullan, the ancestor of the North Carolina McMullans, was the son of James and Edith (Kendall) McMullan, and was born November 2, 1815, in Orange county, Virginia, at the old homestead built by his mother’s grandfather before 1746. In 1837, he was elected first Lieutenant, and later Captain, in a Light Infantry Company of the Virginia Militia. In the same year, he became engaged in school teaching, which he continued for several years.
In 1841, he was licensed as a minister in the Methodist Episcopal Church; he was ordained Deacon in 1845, Elder in 1849. In 1850, he joined the Virginia Methodist Conference. His first Circuit was the Blue Ridge Mission, which he traveled in 1851. His subsequent charges were; Hanover Circuit, 1852-1853; Blue Ridge Mission, 1854; Mecklenburg Circuit, 1855-1856; Albemarle Circuit, 1857-1858; Princess Anne Circuit, 1859-1860; Hertford, N. C. Circuit, 1861-1865 (detained by the Civil War); Bertie County, N. C. Circuit, 1866-1868; Halifax Circuit, 1869-1872; and Boydten Circuit, 1873. He died at Boydten, Virginia, on August 19, 1873.

     Jeremiah McMullan married on December 22, 1835, Frances Dabney Shelton, daughter of Thomas and Clarissa (Beadles) Shelton of Orange County. She was born on 8 October 1818 and died at Hertford, N. C. on 21 October, 1880. They had twelve children, nine of whom lived to maturity, and seven of these settled in North Carolina:

(4) Virginia Anne Mathilda McMullan, born November 17, 1836, in Orange County, Virginia; died October 2, 1899 in Virginia.
(4) Marcellus James McMullan, born April 3, 1839, in Orange County, Virginia; died in September 1842 in Virginia.
(4) William Thomas Shelton McMullan, born May 11, 1841, in Greene County, Virginia; died July 6, 1918 in Hertford, N. C.
(4) Lucullus Walker McMullan, born June 20, 1843, in Greene County, Virginia; died October 8, 1899 in Hertford, N. C.
(4) Frances Catherine McMullan, born March 15, 1845, in Greene County, Virginia; died May 11, 1916, in Hertford, N. C.
(4) Martha Susan McMullan, born July 11, 1847, in Greene County, Virginia; died February 26, 1928, in Hertford, N. C.
(4) John Henry McMullan, born July 7, 1849, in Greene County, Virginia; died December 10, 19XX, in Edenton, N. C.
(4) Jeremiah Neal McMullan, born May 21, 1853, in Hanover County, Virginia; died 1900 at Petersburg, West Virginia
(4) A son, not named, born and died May 5, 1855, in Mecklenburg County, Virginia
(4) Oscar Gregory Baugh McMullan, born December 4, 1856, in Mecklenburg County, Virginia; died February 12, 1918, in Elizabeth City, N. C.
(4) Minnie Lee McMullan, born April 12, 1859, in Princess Anne County, Virginia; died January 4, 1942, in Hertford, N. C.
(4) Frank Ashby McMullan, born January 13, 1864; died September 14, 1873, in Durants Neck, N. C.

(4) Virginia Anne Mathilda McMullan, daughter of Jeremiah and Frances Dabney (Shelton) McMullan, married on July 9, 1856, Captain Francis Marion McMullan, son of John and Peaches (Walker) McMullan, of Madison County, Virginia. They had two children:

(5) Charles Francis McMullan
(5) Anna Edith McMullan.

(4) William Thomas Shelton McMullan (1841-1918), son of Jeremiah and Frances Dabney Shelton McMullan (3), married twice: first, Sallie W. Wood, daughter of John S. and Mary Eliza (Martin) Wood of Hertford, N. C. They had two children;

(5) Thomas Shelton McMullan, born November 29, 1868; and
(5) Percy Wood McMullan, born August 31, 1875.

     William Thomas Shelton McMullan married second, Mary Joseph Wood, daughter of Joseph R. and Sarah Winnifred (Jackson) Wood of Hertford, N. C., and granddaughter of John S. and Mary Eliza (Martin) Wood. They had eight children:

(5) Sallie Wood McMullan, born June 26, 1887; died April 16, 1931
(5) Mary Wingfield McMullan, born June 4, 1889
(5) John Roulhas McMullan, born November 24, 1890
(5) Frances Virginia McMullan, born January 3, 1893
(5) Ruth Toms McMullan, born March 8, 1895
(5) Martha McMullan, born October 28, 1897; died April 16, 1931
(5) Tom McMullan, born December 29, 1899
(5) Edwin Geer McMullan, born September 15, 1904

(4) Lucullus Walker McMullan (1843- ), son of Jeremiah and Frances Dabney (Shelton) McMullan, married twice: first, on April 5, 1866, to Mary Newby Reed of Perquimans County, N. C., by whom he had the four children:

(5) Emily McMullan
(5) Sidney McMullan, born 1875, died 1930
(5) John Reed McMullan
(5) Ethel McMullan

     He married second Line Ferris, by whom he had no issue.

(4) Frances Catherine McMullan, daughter of Jeremiah and Frances Dabney (Shelton) McMullan, married on May 25, 1864, Nathan Newby, son of Thomas and Maria Mullen Newby of Perquimans County, N. C. They had six children:

(5) George Herbert Newby, born 1865, died 1907
(5) Nathan Newby, born 1868, died 1951
(5) Helen Maria Newby, born 1871, died 1966
(5) Oscar McMullan Newby, born 1873, died 1963
(5) William Guy Newby, born 1877, died 1965
(5) Virginia Scott Newby, born 1880, died 1965

(4) John Henry McMullan, son of Jeremiah and Frances Dabney (Shelton) McMullan, married Lina Tucker, daughter of ______Tucker of Perquimans County, N. C. They had the following children:

(5) Penelope Skinner McMullan
(5) Harry McMullan
(5) John Henry McMullan
(5) Mildred McMullan
(5) Louise McMullan
(5) Jessie P. McMullan

(4) Jeremiah Neal McMullan, son of Jeremiah and Frances Dabney (Shelton) McMullan, married twice: his first wife’s name is unknown; second he married Elizabeth Anderson of Annapolis, Maryland, by whom he had one son, (5) Frank Gordon McMullan, who died as a young man.

(4) Oscar Gregory Baugh McMullan, son of Jeremiah and Frances Dabney (Shelton) McMullan, married Mollie Whedbee, daughter of Monroe and Mary Shannon Whedbee of Hertford, N. C., who had two children:

(5) Mary McMullan
(5) Frances Old McMullan

(4) Martha Susan McMullan, daughter of Jeremiah and Frances Dabney (Shelton) McMullan, married on February 16, 1865 George Durant Newby, son of Thomas and Maria Mullen Newby of Perquimans County, N. C. They had five children:

(5) Mary Newby
(5) George Edgar Newby
(5) Evart McMullan Newby
(5) Gerald Bruce Newby
(5) Frances Shelton Newby

(4) Minnie Lee McMullan, daughter of Jeremiah and Frances Dabney (Shelton) McMullan, married Kenneth Raynor Newbold of Hertford, Perquimans County, N. C. They had twelve children:

(5) Kenneth Raynor Newbold
(5) Oscar McMullan Newbold
(5) Virginia Newbold
(5) Edith Newbold
(5) Frances Newbold
(5) Jack Newbold
(5) Mattie Newbold
(5) Jeremiah Newbold
(5) Thomas Shelton Newbold
(5) Lucullus Newbold
(5) Helen Mary Newbold
(5) Minnie McMullan Newbold

1 Other information has shown that Theodosia McMullan did not die at this time but was married to a William Dula sometime after John McMullan returned from his wartime service.There were other children born to the Dula/McMullan union.


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