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The "McMullan & Allied Families History" file is a work in progress. By looking at the top right corner of the web site, you can find out what the newest version of the McMullan Family file is.

As more photographs and more information is added the file, the file number will be updated. You may download the GEDCOM below. It is much smaller in size than the Family Tree Maker file but it does not include as much information either. I add all of the family photos I receive to this web site. Please feel free to download the photographs unless there is a specific copyright that would not allow you to do so.

In order to open the GEDCOM file, you will need a computer program that will open the file. Two that I know of are the Family Tree Maker program and there is a program available at I am sure there are others but I am not aware of them. If you know of others, please let me know so I can post them here.

To open the Family Tree Maker file, you will need the Family Tree Maker program. It should be available at your local computer super store or online. You may also purchase it from

Download "McMullan & Allied Families History"
(GEDCOM File) March 11, 2003

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Anderson, Elizabeth McMullan - Will information only.

Huff, Polly McMullan - Will information only.

McMullan, Daniel - Will information only.

McMullan, Hubert Newton - Contains two photographs, copies of homestead papers, obituary and other information..

McMullan, John F. - Contains scans of obituary.

McMullan, John - Contains the following information:

McMullan, Patrick (Sr) - Contains new information on Patrick's grave site and estate inventory at the time of his death.

McMullan, Thomas Jefferson - Contains two photographs, maps and census information from 1860 and 1870.

McMullan, Thomas T. - Will information only.

McMullan, William Jessie - Contains one family photograph and William's autobiography.

McMullan, William Rufus - Contains two photographs and information from his family Bible.

Ward, Sarah Elizabeth McMullan - Contains one family photograph and scans from the Ward family Bible.

Family HIstory Trip - 2003 - My wife and I drove 5,220 miles in two weeks to explore where my ancestors lived. We met many wonderful members of the McMullan family on our trip. We traveled through twelve different states and drove over 93 hours! This is the story of our trip.