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The following photographs were taken (2003) by Ann Burkes of Decatur, Mississppi

Thomas Jefferson McMullan was the son of Patrick McMullan, Sr. and the Grandson of the original ancestor, John McMullan.

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The sign you see when you enter Decatur, Mississippi
The marker for Mt. Vernon Plantation near Decatur, Mississippi
Mt. Zion's Congregational Church
Another marker placed by Captain Albert McMullan for the church
This marker is for Thomas Jefferson McMullan nephew of the other T.J. McMullan. He died in the Civil War. Son of Patrick McMullan, Jr.
Second photo
3rd photo
4th photo
Thomas Jefferson McMullan's grave in the Decatur, MS cemetery. He was son of Patrick Sr., grandson of the original ancestor John
Another view of Thomas Jefferson and Rachel Reynolds McMullan's graves
Rachel Reynolds McMullan's grave in the Decatur, MS cemetery

The following photographs are from Jay S. McMullan's personal file

William Rufus McMullan was the son of Thomas Jefferson McMullan. He was the Grandson of Patrick McMullan, Sr., and the Great Grandson of the original ancsetor, John McMullan. Hubert Newton McMullan was William Rufus and Sudie McMullan's youngest son. He was the only child of theirs to be born in Texas. The rest were born in Mississippi.

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William Rufus (Uncle Billy) McMullan - Son of Thomas Jefferson McMullan
W.R. and Sudie McMullan
Grave of W.R. McMullan at Payne Springs, Texas cemetery
Hubert Newton McMullan - Son of W.R. and Sudie McMullan. 4 years old in this photo
Hubert and Nettie McMullan in 1976 in Erick, Oklahoma

The following photographs were contributed by Beverly Adams of Portland, Texas

Beverly has undertaken the daunting task of correcting the McMullan History file that I compiled using Captain Albert McMullan's book, "History of the McMullan and Allied Families".

This is a photograph of the DAR ceremony taken at the grave of the original ancestor, John McMullan, in 2002.
This is Beverly's grandfather, Jeremiah Patrick Henry McMullan, Sr., taken in 1908, at the time of his wedding.
Photograph of Thomas Henry McMullan, Beverly's Great Grandfather. He is the son of Jeremiah McMullan and Sarah Harper.

Thanks to Harold Graham for the following photographs

When John McMullan came to America in 1760, he packed all of his earthly belongings into a trunk. Amazingly, it has been passed down through family members and the trunk is still around today. It is now owned by Grayson and Bonnie McMullan.

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Thanks to Will Carter of Hartwell, Georgia for the following photograph.

Captain Horatio Goss McMullan
Company "C", 16th Regiment Georgia Volunteer Infantry, ANV, CSA

Horatio Goss McMullan was born in Hart County and was the son of Sinclair and Clarissa Richadson McMullan. He joined the "Hartwell Infantry" in 1861 and was commissioned a 1st Lieutenant when that unit was sworn in to Confederate service as Company "C", 16th Georgia Volunteer Infantry on July 13, 1861.

McMullan was promoted to Captain on September 14, 1863 and commanded Company "C" until he was killed in action at the battle of "The Wilderness" on May 6, 1864. He was never married but he has many relatives in the McMullan and related families still living in Hartwell and Hart County.

This picture of Captain McMullan was provided by his great-niece, Mrs. Martha Rice Kelley.

Me in My Civil War Uniform at the Age of 18

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