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William Rufus McMullan

Born: January 12, 1853 Newton Co., MS
Died: June 13, 1906 Henderson Co., Texas
Married: June 13, 1906 in Henderson Co., Texas to Susan (Sudie) Elizabeth White

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William Rufus McMullan is sometimes known as William Reynolds McMullan. On July 26, 1980, Hubert Newton McMullan (son of W.R. McMullan) gave William R.'s Bible to Jay S. McMullan (grandson of Hubert N. McMullan).

In the Bible, William's middle name is given as Rufus instead of Reynolds.

In his Bible, there was a stamp that said, "3000 stickers, this size, with any address or business printed thereon, assorted colors with gummed backs, only $1.25 post paid,
W. Rufus McMullan
Decatur, MS
Agent for books, mercantile, printing, circulars, cards, etc.

At some point, William Rufus moved his family to Henderson Co., Texas (south of Kaufman County), near Kemp or Eustace, more likely Mabank, Texaas. His last child, Hubert Newton (my grandfather) was the only child that was not born in Mississippi. He was born in Kemp, Texas and was given the middle name "Newton" in honor of either Newton county or the city of Newton, Mississippi. William Rufus was called "Uncle Billy" by others in the family. William became a Methodist minister before moving to Texas. He is buried in the Payne Springs, Texas cemetery.

On Page 108 in his Bible it says, "I am still praising God for the conversion of my soul on March the 28th or 30th 1888."

William Rufus is buried at the Payne Springs cemetary in East Texas. His wife is buried somewhere in a cemetary near the old Stubbs school near the old Pealetown, Texas community. When his father, Thomas Jefferson McMullan, died, he left 700 acres of land to each of his children. This information from Maurice Vester McMullan, a grandson.

We think that William and Sudie moved to Texas because the Civil War had ended and things were not going well in the deep south. Perhaps moving to Texas would give them a new start.

According to Hubert N. McMullan, William Rufus McMullan died of dropsy (edema).

For years, I have not been able to find Susan McMullan's grave. She was William Rufus' wife. One of my distant relatives, before he passed, told me she was born around Gun Barrel City, Texas. I could find nothing on the Internet until just recently and I found a photo of her gravestone! My daughter's family lives outside of Palestine, Texas and the next time I go to see them, I am going to drive up to see the graves of William and Susan.

The GPS coordinates for Susan's grave are N32 25,747 W096 18.647



Susan is buried in the Pyle Prairie Cemetery in Kaufman County, Texas. Information on Pyle Prairie Cemetery is here.

2. i. JOHN VESTER MCMULLAN, b. April 18, 1889, Newton County, Mississippi; d. March 15, 1972, Texarkana, Texas.
3. ii. GEORGE WILLIAM MCMULLAN, b. May 02, 1884, Newton County Mississippi; d. November 12, 1955.
4. iii. HUBERT NEWTON MCMULLAN, b. May 02, 1896, Eustice or Kemp, Texas; d. May 06, 1991, Sayre, Oklahoma.
5. iv. MINNIE ORA MCMULLAN, b. August 14, 1882, Newton County, Mississippi.
6. v. CLARA GERTRUDE MCMULLAN, b. January 22, 1891, Newton County, Mississippi.
7. vi. INA SERENA MCMULLAN, b. August 17, 1878, Newton County, Mississippi; d. August 01, 1956.
8. vii. ANNIE ALICE MCMULLAN, b. December 09, 1885, Mississippi; d. October 1970, Oklahoma.
viii. LELIA MCMULLAN, b. June 22, 1877, Newton County, Mississippi; d. May 05, 1960; m. AL EVERETT.
ix. WILLIS J. MCMULLAN, b. June 01, 1881, Mississippi; d. May 13, 1961, Henderson Co., Texas; m. HESTER M. ?; b. July 21, 1888; d. August 04, 1961, Henderson Co., Texas

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