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Will of Thomas T. McMullan

(Thanks to Barbara Matchett and Gale Fuller)

State of Georgia -- Monroe Co.

I Thomas T. McMullan of said State and County, being of advanced age and feeble in body, but of sound and well disposing mind have thought proper and right to make this my last will and testament revoking all others heretofore made by me.

Item 1st. I desire that my body be buried in a decent and Christian like burial.

Item 2nd. I desire that all of my just debts be paid out of the rents of my farm, my half of the cotton gin over by water, and out of the rent of my half interest in the grist mill.

Item 3rd. I desire that seventy five dollars or more if my executors think it necessary, be expended in fitting a stone wall ro an iron fence around the four graves of Nail McMullan, Mrs. Millie McMullan, J. K. McMullan deceased and my own.

Item 4th. I give and bequeath to my daughter Mary S. McMullan my bureau and sideboard: the balance of my household and kitchen furniture I desire shall be divided equally among my sons R. T. and Nail McMullan and my daughter Mary S. McMullan.

Item 5th. In as much as I think that there will sufficient money rising from rents, sales of stock to pay my just debts, I desire that my executors shall rent or lease out my lands for three years. Said renting or leasing to be for one year at a time or for three years at a time as my executors may think best for all concerned. At the expiration of three years or sooner of said executors think it a laborable time for selling land I desire that said executors shall sell said lands at public or private sale and in parcels to suit purchasers provided such parcels do not do not injure the sale of any other lands. The one hundred acres (more or less) lying on eight-mile creek to be sold with a reserve of right-of-way to the mill.

Item 6th. After any lands shall have been sold, I desire that an equal division be made among by five children; R. T. McMullan, Mary S. McMullan, Nail McMullan, Chappell McMullan and J. K. McMullan's children(his share) The said J. K. McMullan surviving children to receive the said J. K. McMullan share when they become of age.

Item 7th. I desire that my executors shall appropriate the money due my sons J.K. McMullan's children after the said division to buy a place for the said children if the said executors think it best for the children.

Item 8th. I desire that my half interest in the grist mill, Water cotton gin and seventeen acres of land belonging thereto shall be sold at any time during the three years above mentioned that my executors may think it will bring a gain price.

Item 9th. I desire that the money arising from rents and after my just debts have been paid be equally divided as soon as collected.

Item 10th. I desire that one hundred dollars be paid to the guardian of Joe Jobson's children for the said children. Twenty five dollars to Mrs. Rosa Higgins and one hundred and twenty five dollars to Mrs. Judith Higgins with interest from the date of Margaret keys death.

Item 11th. I constitute and appoint my sons, R. T. McMullan and Chappell McMullan executors. I constitute and appoint my son R. T. McMullan guardian for my son J. K. McMullan's children.

Signed.....Thomas T. McMullan

Signed sealed and delivered and published by Thomas T. McMullan as his last will and testament in the presence of us the subscribed who subscribe our names hereunto in the presence of said testator and each other June 26th 1875

Signed sealed and delivered) in the presence of
                                ) John W. Butler
John W. Wooten J.P. ) T. C. Ham

Georgia Monroe County) Personally appeared before me the undersigned T. C.Ham of said county and being duly sworn deposes and says that he witnessed the last will and testament of Thomas T. McMullan that he in person saw the said Thomas T. McMullan sign publish and declare the within instrument as his last will and testament that he said Thomas t. McMullan at the time of signing the same was of sound and disposing memory, that deponent was present at the time of signing the said instrument by _____ and that he signed the same freely and voluntary and without compulsion and that he was present and was the _____ witness. John W. Wooten.

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