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March 5 , 2021

Added "Who We Are Related To" table on the Family Files page.

As of this date, there are 5,584 people on the family tree "JohnMcMullan1743" on Ancestry.com. Just about the time I think I have found all of the branches to our family tree, I find more! Please help me make sure your branch of the family tree is correct and please share family photos and stories about your family members. For access to the McMullan family tree, email me at jay@jaymc.com or call me at (407) 970-9559.


February 27, 2020

Added a page for Theodosia Beasley, John McMullan's first wife and also wife to Capt. William Dula.


February 26, 2020

The website has been completely redesigned. The margins on each page were fixed.


February 16, 2020

I have completed the redesign of the McMullan & Allied Families website. There may still be some broken links. If you find any, please let me know. I added a couple of more McMullans to the family files; Frank Burkett McMullan and his son, Homer L. Fry McMullan. Thanks to Melissa Clark of Clinton, Louisiana, Homer's daughter, for all the information on her family line.

I updated the McMullan & Allied Family Gedcom file. Since I began building this new McMullan family tree, I have manually entered 2,489 individuals.



February 14, 2020

How did John Patrick McMullan get the money to come from Ireland to America? I have long felt that he was an indentured servant, a slave. We have finally found written proof to back up that theory.
Click Here to read more.



February 7, 2020

I am completely rebuilding the McMullan & Allied Families website. Since November 2019, I have manually input almost 2,700 McMullan family members into the new Family Tree file.

I am also adding information that may point toward John McMullan being an indentured servant when he came from Ireland. Click Here to read more.


January 17, 2020

I have been making some changes on the McMullan & Allied Families' website. I made some changes on the Home Page and also on the Family Files page. Currently there are 17 individuals listed. If you have family photos of your McMullan ancestors or if you have some stories of your McMullan ancestors you can share, PLEASE send them to me and I will put them on the website.

I added the biggest Family Tree "Gedcom" file. There are currently 4,834 individuals in this McMullan & Allied Families family tree. I need more information on living McMullans! I would not be surprised if there are another 2,000 living individuals from the McMullan and allied families. Please contact me with information on your family and let's make this website into the greatest resource for McMullans' to find their roots!

Some time this year, I am going to need to completely rebuild this website. When I learned how to build websites, things were very simple then. That has been about twenty years ago and now HTML code is changing some. It is going to be a learning curve for me. I would rather put my time and effort into genealogical research and adding more information on many more McMullans'. If you are proficient at coding in HTML and would like to volunteer to help me rebuild this site, please contact me. Your help would be greatly appreciated!


December 17 , 2019

About a month ago, I decided to start an entirely new family tree for the McMulland and allied families. The old file I had was not in great shape. I want to have the best, most accurate family tree for all of you so I began taking information from Findagrave.com. The dates on the gravestones of our family could occasionally be wrong but I feel like this is the most accurate way to go. I am also using websites like Ancestry.com, FamilySearch.com, etc.

I included the latest McMullan and Allied Families family tree (Version 3b) in a Gedcom file. Right click here and choose "save file as" or "save target as".


October 21, 2019

A couple of months ago I found a photograph that appears to be from an old newspaper. The photo is of the Thomas Jefferson Reynolds family and it says that General William T. Sherman stayed at their house. This, of course would have been during his Meridian Campaign which occured between February 14 and 20, 1864. Thomas Jefferson Reynolds died July 27, 1869 so the photo had to be taken sometime in between those dates. So far, I have been unable to date the photo of find its source other than it was pasted on FindaGrave.com. I have emailed the man that posted to the photo to see if he can reveal the source.

Today, I was reading History of Newton County, Mississippi from 1834 to 1894 which was republished by Mr. Melvin Tingle of Decatur, Mississippi. The book proves that Sherman did, in fact, make the Reynolds' home into his headquarters for two days. Family history tells us that my 2x Great Grandfather, Thomas Jefferson McMullan's (son-in-law to the Reynolds) farm, home, slave's quarters, barns, etc. were burned to the ground by Union troops. Sherman was cornered in that same area by a band of Confederate soldiers and, hiding in a corn crib, he was able to escape death until Union soldiers returned to the area and drove off the small Confederate band.

To read the reference to Sherman making his headquarters at the Thomas J. Reynolds residence Click Here and look below the family photo.

Added links to on Thomas Jefferson McMullan's page.

Click this link to read History of Newton County, Mississippi from 1834 to 1894.

Tracking Sherman Through Newton County from the Newton County Historical Society.

Sherman's March through the South by Capt. David P. Conyngham.


October 17, 2019

On October 14 and 15, 2019, Shannon McMullan and his wife Lori met me in Lavonia, Georgia to learn more about the McMullan Family. Shannon and I both come from John and Patrick's line and split off from there. When I made my first trip to Mississippi and Georgia back in 2003, Shannon's mother, Bonnie, had John McMullan's trunk. Shannon now has possession of the trunk. He brought it with him to Georgia, the first time it has been back since 1855!

While in Hartwell, we met with Kay Cleveland and Jim McMullan and his wife Rosalind. Jim and Kay took us to look at graves at New Prospect Baptist Church and Northview cemetery in Hartwell. Shannon, Lori and I went out to John's grave and took photos with the trunk at his grave. We also got photos of the trunk at John's grave and at Kay's house with everyone. Click Here

Jim and Kay helped us clear up some confusion. On November 9, 2013, I received an email from Nick Constant of Hartwell, Georgia telling me that land where the old "McMullan Rice Plantation" was located was for sale. Come to find out, McMullan's did own that land and had a grist mill there and the remains are still there. However, it was not a rice plantation. Rice was the maiden name of one of the McMullan's wives. Click Here

Updated the SiteMap page with the McMullan/Rice Grist Mill page and included the family history trip #2 with Shannon and Lori McMullan. Click Here


July 31, 2019

I added photos of Rachel Reynolds' (wife of Thomas Jefferson McMullan) family and a photo of her father to the Thomas Jefferson McMullan page. Click Here


July 30, 2019

I changed the look of the website. I got rid of the old frames, hopefully making the website easier to use.

Added a modern Township/Range/Section map of Newton County, Mississippi showing the land owned by Thomas Jefferson McMullan in 1846. Click Here



July 28, 2019

Added photograph and information about my Great Grandmother Susan Elizabeth White McMullan. Click Here

I added Google Earth images of land that Hubert Newton McMullan and his wife, Martha "Nettie," homesteaded in New Mexico in 1920. Click Here


July 27, 2019

Added photographs from Google Earth of John and Patrick's graves. Click Here to see the photos. Added more photos of John McMullan's grave site. Click Here to view.

Started a page for the Georgia Guidestones. Click Here to view.

Added another link on the Files page about the McMullan Rice Mill near Hartwell, Georgia.


November 09, 2013

Added photographs from Nick Constant about the McMullan Rice Mill near Hartwell, Georgia. Click Here to see the photos.


June 07, 2013

Added instructions on how to save the Gedcom file on the McMullan family. Get the file here.


October 24 , 2012

Added the GPS coordinates to Thomas Jefferson McMullan's gravesite on his page. Included 8 new photos of John McMullan's trunk.


March 24 , 2012

Added the GPS coordinates to John and Patrick's graves on the Maps page.


April 29, 2010

My condolences to those who have lost family members since my "McMullan Trip" in 2003. Click Here

Updated Links page.


October 31 , 2008

Added a site map to the website.


May 7 , 2008

Fixed broken links to the USGenWeb Project and the Newton County, Mississippi Historical and Genealogical Society.

>>>>If you ever find a broken link, photo or image that will not open, please let me know so I can fix it.<<<<


August 1 , 2004

Added a link to William L. McMullan's website. Fixed some broken links to some images on the site.


March 25, 2004

Added a new e-mail from Will Carter about Patrick Joseph McMullan (Sr) and added new photos of Patrick's grave site. Click Here


March 15, 2004

Started adding the inventory of Patrick (Sr.) McMullan. Finished 1 1/2 pages. Will add the other pages when I can get time. Click Here to view.

Added the autobiography of William Jessie McMullan back to the site. I did not realize that this file was not on the site and I don't know why it had dissappeared. Click Here to read the autobiography.


March 13, 2004

Finished adding scans of Ward family Bible with information about Sara Elizabeth (McMullan) Ward and John F. McMullan. These were provided by David Ray. Click Here to View


March 11 , 2004

- Added information about the finding of Patrick (Sr) McMullan's grave. Click Here to View


January 5, 2004

- Added a page for Sara Elizabeth (McMullan) Ward, for scans sent to me by David Ray. Click Here to View

- The page is still under construction and will be completed once I can reduce the size of the scans.


September 23, 2003

- Added McChat chatroom to the McMullan and Allied Families web site. Feel free to set up times to have others join you in free chats.


September 11, 2003

- Added Inventory of John McMullan's Estate. Click Here to View.

- Added maps of Thomas Jefferson McMullan's land in 1846. Click Here to View.

- Added "Let's Get to Know Each Other" box on main page.


August 29, 2003

Added sign-up list for McMullan family members and friends. Please sign up so we can keep in touch with all of you. When I first posted the sign-up list, it was not debugged. Please bear with me, I am just learning how to make all of this work so we can have a better web site.

- Added a file from Harry Rood about the McMullan's in North Carolina. Click Here to View.

- Added "About Historical Accuracy" to the homepage.

If you have any suggestions to make the site better, please contact me at jaymc@JayMc.com.



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