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The Autobiography of William Jessie McMullan


Chapter 1: "William Jessie McMullan"

Chapter 2: "School Days"

Chapter 3: "Church Activities"

Chapter 4: "An Organized Farmer"

Chapter 5: "Girl Associates"

Chapter 6: "Sarah Jackson Freeman"

Chapter 7: "Sallie Freeman"

Chapter 8: "Letters from Sallie"

Chapter 9: "Golden Wedding"


Version 1, Chapter 3:  “Church Activities”

(ed. this chapter does not exist in Version 2)

                Joined Midway Regular Baptist church July 16, 1882.  Had been under conviction since a small boy, 8 years.  Was baptised by Rev A J Freeman in Turkey creek above the bridge, the bridge on Newton and Decatur road.  Taken my place on the members seat, and taken part in all church work.  Was made clerk April 18 1885, and made deacon August 25th 1909.  I was mesenger to the Mt Pisgah association held at Sinai Neshoba county.  Parson Freeman asked me to come over and hitch my mule with his to his hack, and go with him & Miss Georgia.  Went to Crosses got Miss Georgia Cross & to Dick Russels got Miss Ida Russell, then to Jessie Paces for dinner.  Mr. Pace hitched my mule and his best mule to his wagon.  Had 3 spring seats, Pace and Freeman set set on front seat, Ida Russell and Georgia Freeman, on middle, and Georgia Cross, and I set on back seat.  A jolly time we did have.  We went to J C Waldens while at the association.  The preacher and wimen staid in the home, and the men went to the ginhouse spread out cotton seed, and 40 of us slept on the pallet.  We came back to Paces Monday night, got back to Freeman Tuesday noon.  I stoped for dinner, and had a peep eye with little Sallie then 14 years old.  She had wanted to go to Ass.  I went to association every year.  In 1885 was delegated to association at Harperville.  Rev A J Freeman was mesenger.  I visited Freeman on Wednesday to see about going to the asso­ciation.  He told me he was starting Friday morning and taking dinner in Conehatta with Haralson and going to Harpervill that evening.  After he had left the room, I talked with Miss Sallie a while.  She volunteered to tell me that she would go with her father to association, but would come back with me, so that was what we did.  Coming back we rode in my buggy to parson L M Murrell, spent the night there.  Got back to Freemans for dinner Tues­day noon.  I taken dinner with Freemans Tuesday.  Midway church affiliated with Mt Pisgah association.  I at­tended nearly all association meetings.  Bro. George Clark was the verry efficient clerk.  After some little friction with a preacher Taylor, about the making and getting out the minutes, bro. Clarke asked and requested me to be at the next meeting of the association, that he would advise that I be made clerk of the association.  So at the next years meeting, I was unanimously elected clerk, which office I served for 20 years, and after the treasurer bro. Ervin Graham’s death, I also acted as treasurer of the association.  I attended the general association meetings, was 15 years old.  The meeting was held in the church at Newton in 1872.  Bro. Jake Johnson was first missionary to South Miss.  I heard his report to the association.  He said he had gone throughout the country and preached the gospel, and that the work was finished.  He gave a touching discription of the country, and the people.  Allthough a boy I felt the need of the people down there.  I recollect seeing some younger preacher wip tears from their eyes while bro. Johnson made his report. 

                After I had been a member for some time I was delegated mesenger to the General association, and after a few years was a member of the executive board.  This board met quarterly with some church that would invite their meeting with them.  This board had the responsible dutie to select churches to help finance, to elect missionaries, to the work in needy places.  Sometimes we had several men in the work and quite often helped new, and week churches to finance themselves.  We did some joint work with the state convention through their efficient secretary A V Rowe, a venerable old gentleman.  Many were the expierances, and trials of this work.  One of the mission men reported on one accasion that he baptised a man in a boat by his bedside.  He was sick, and wanted to be bap­tised.  His friends brought a boat to his bed side, filled it with water, and he baptised him in the boat.  I served on this executive board 38 years strait.  The General association of South East Mississippi was composed of local as­sociations in South East Mississippi., to fill a neglected part of the state.  The State convention had never come to this part of the State.  It was organized by the efforts of, and the advice of Rev N  L  Clarke.  He had investigated, and it was ready to be worked.

                Landmark:  During the time I served on this Executive board one association held at Sylvarener, the Landmark baptist appeared.  Bro. John Simmons while speaking on mission refered to their churches not doing any missoin work, when a brother Mayfield challenged bro. Simmons statement.  Got refs and started to bro. Sim­mons.  Someone stoped him.  Simons called for a minet of the association.  Stated he would prove what he was saying.  Bro. Mayfield was a fierce looking man.  I never herd of him again.  This was the first time I had known of the Landmark baptist.  They objected to the way the regular missionary Baptist did their mission work.  They wanted to send a man to the mission work, and have the churches send their money direct to him from the church.  Claimed it taken nearly all of the money to pay the expense to get it to the man on the mission field.  At one of the associations I heard a Landmark preacher attack bro. D T Chapman personally on this question of missions.  Chapman was treasurer of the association, and was counting the money just turned over by the finance committee.  This preacher that attacted Chapman, Doctor Boyd (cancer doctor quack).  All had gone out of the house excep Chapman, Boyd, and myself.  I stayed by Chapman, thinking there might be trouble.  Boyd said it taken 90 cents to get one $ to the man on the field.  Chapman told him all money designated for missions every cent of it went for missions, that there was a special fund paid in to bear all mission fund expense. 

                At an association held at Fellowship near Enterprise Miss:  During the association these Landmark Baptist was there and there was some discussion and brother Thigpen and Marion Walters had a heated debate.  Thigpen was Landmarker, and Walters defending the regular Baptist.  They quieted down with a set day and place and time to debate the question.  Never knew how they finally settled their diferance.  Dont think the question was before the association again.  A number of years later, bro. W T Smith was moderator of ass. at a board meeting held at Pine Ridge Newton county.  A little fellow that was trying to preach had two Landmark preachers to be at this Pine Ridge meeting.  They never told their business and bro. Smith never recognised them in any business, and one of these men was Marion Walters.  He had turned Land Marker, and he was the Walters that once before challenged Thigpen on the Land Mark question.  I understand now 1948 they claim to be the Missionary Baptist Church, and that the Regular Baptist are convention Baptist.  They are trying to take over everry place and church possible.  They disrupted Luin church, tried to get the church record, and church funds, but clerk Hall would not let them get the record.  They finally got the house & property.  The Regular Baptist built a house on the oposite side of the road.  From what I hear they are practically taking South Mississippi.

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