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After a long time of not working on my guitar, a month to be precise, I am back at it. I have been extremely busy and just haven't had time to get out in the garage to build. I performed in downtown Winter Garden, Florida and had to get a lot of cover songs ready for that event. So, here I am back to building. I desparately need to clean my garage. I used to take everything completely out of my garage, sweep and hose down the floor and then put everything back in, once in the spring and once in the fall. My back is so bad now that i can't do it by myself anymore. My wife has promised to help me when we get a Saturday free. That is a big WHEN! It seems like we always have something going on whether it is the weekends or the week nights.



Top Wood
I played in downtown Winter Garden, Florida on May 4, 2012.
I have been busy learning covers. I sang several of my own songs that night too.
Top Wood
To make the cutaway insert, I lay the mold over my guitar plans.
I get the mold in the right spot over the plans.
Top Wood
Top Wood
Then I slip a piece of typing paper between the mold and the plans and roughly trace the insert onto the typing paper.
Here you see the rough shape of what the insert will look like.
Top Wood
Top Wood
I lay the drawing of the insert on the 2x4 and cut out three pieces of wood.
Here are the three blocks I cut from scrap 2x4.
Top Wood
Top Wood
Here are the blocks, glued and clamped.
While my insert blocks are drying, I will sand the sides for my guitar down. You can see they are approximately .120 inches thick. After consulting my buddies on, I have determined they need to be between .075 and .080 inches thick. For my cutaway, there is a very sharp bend that will be pretty tricky to pull off.