Building an Acoustic Guitar                                                                            

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Tools and Tool Construction

Tools Used in the Construction of My Acoustic Guitar

This is a typical bandsaw. Get at least a 12" bandsaw for building guitars.

Bandsaw - A bandsaw is one

of the essential tools that you will need to build an acoustic guitar. A bandsaw has a circular blade and is used to cut, not only straight cuts, but curved ones as well.

Table Saw or Bench Saw - To get a straight cut, you almost HAVE to have a table or bench saw. They are basically the same thing except a table saw sits on legs where a bench saw sits on top of your work bench. A good 10" saw will work perfectly for what we need.

Router - Routers use bits to cut designs into the side of wood objects or they can use flush cutting bits to trim the edges of, in our case, a guitar. You can also use a router to cut the trench for the binding on your guitar.

Rotary tool - Dremel is a commonly know rotary tool. Rotary tools have many, many uses. They can be used for cutting, grinding, making binding channels, etc.


Drill - An electric drill is another essential tool you will need if you are building a guitar. There will be many holes that have to be drilled.

Drill Press - This is an electric drill but it sits on a stand and allows greater precision when drilling holes.

The power tools I have so far are:

  1. A 14" Bandsaw
  2. A 10" Bench Saw
  3. A 1 1/2" hp Router
  4. A 1 hp Plunge Router with Router Table
  5. A Black & Decker Rotary Tool
  6. A Spindle Sander
  7. A Belt Sander
  8. A Hand Drill - electric
  9. A Hand Drill - rechargeable battery
  10. Drill Press Attachment for Hand Drill
  11. A 10" Skill Saw
  12. A RotoZip tool (Not sure how I'm going to use this to help build the guitar)
  13. A Reciprocating Saw - Works great for cutting steel bars for cam clam
  14. Drill press
  15. Jigsaw
  16. Plunge router attachment for rotary tool
  17. Palm sander

I will start construction on a thickness sander soon. I think that is all I will need to build my guitar. I just bought a plunge router attachment for my Black & Decker rotary tool. I think it might make doing inlays on the guitar a little easier. Time will tell!

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