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Extreme Kaos

The Extreme Kaos is being built! Follow along on RC Universe!

When the prototype aircraft is built and test flights are completed, plans will be available so that you can build your own Extreme Kaos!

Wingspan: 60 inches (Approximate)
Fuselage length: 58 inches (Approximate)
Wing area: 680 sq. inches (Approximate)

Engine: .60 to .75
Weight: 6 pounds (Approximate)

I built my first Bridi Super Kaos around 1980 after flying one for a friend who was losing his eyesight due to diabetes. He could no longer fly and wanted me to fly his plane. I instantly fell in love with the airplane. Since then, I have built two Bridi Super Kaos's and every variant that is, or has been, available. Those include the Killer Chaos, the Utter Chaos and the Ultimate Chaos. I have also built a Bridi Dirty Birdy. Each one of these planes is easy to build and easy to fly. They are great sport aircraft and excellent pattern planes. They are perfect for the RC pilot who is advancing away from his trainer!