Building an Acoustic Guitar                                                                            

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Thickness Sander

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Thickness Sander Parts Layout
Each of the wood parts for the thickness sander are layed out in AutoCad to make the most efficient use of wood and help control costs.

Without the Internet and good books, I think it would be extremely difficult to build a guitar. I am always amazed at the great information that is available on the web. A thickness sander is one tool that I think is almost critical to my success. The book I am using, "Build Your Own Acoustic Guitar" by Kinkead is a remarkable resource and I am very appreciate to Mr. Kinkead for putting such a great book together and making it affordable. In his book, he recommends scraping the guitar's back and top to get the desired thickness. Using the thickness sander will make my life much easier. I will probably still do some scraping to finish the guitar but the thickness sander should take the top, sides and back down to the correct thickness fairly quickly.

I have 1 horsepower motor and I plan on starting construction next week. I layed out the frame in AutoCad so I can make sure I have as litle waste with the wood as possible. I want to be able to cut costs everywhere I can without sacrificing the quality of my guitar.

Thickness Sander
This thickness sander was drawn in Google Sketchup by Matthias Wandel of It was orginally built by Pat Hawley. This is the sander I will be building along with a couple of modifications. I've added leg stabilizers and castors to make it easier to move it around.