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Our Mission

To design safe, comfortable, high performance aircraft that are affordable to build, fly and maintain.

Construction Materials

All composite materials made from molds of the original aircraft. Wet wing holding 40 gallons of fuel.

Engines from 100 to 230 horesepower.

Wingspan 28 ft Fuselage Length 21 ft
Wing Area 92 ft2 Fuselage Height 7.5 ft
Aspect Ratio 8.51 Fuselage Width 54.5 in
Wing Loading 14.3 lbs/ft2 Empty Weight 800 lbs
Fuel Capacity 40 Gallons US Gross Weight 1320 lbs

Calculated Performance Specifications

Calculations are based on a 100 hp engine. Aircraft can use engines up to 230 hp.

Max Speed @ 5500 ft msl 156 mph Cruise Speed @ 5500 ft msl 145 mph
Stall w/Flaps 56 mph Rate of Climb Sea Level 1,2000 fpm

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