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Construction Materials

‚ Steel tube fuselage with fiberglass shell gives excellent aerodynamics, light weight and safety

‚ Full composite wing

‚ Spring aluminum main gear

‚ The Vortex Magnum can be built as a taildragger or with tricycle gear

Click Here Click Here to see drawing of the fuselage structure
Wingspan 33 ft Fuselage Length 25 ft
Wing Area 164 ft2 Fuselage Height 7.5 ft
Aspect Ratio 6.73 Fuselage Width 53 in
Wing Loading 19.2 lbs/ft2 Empty Weight 1500 lbs
Fuel Capacity 80 Gallons US Gross Weight 3000 lbs

Calculated Performance Specifications

Calculations are based on the 350 hp Chevy 350 cubic inch engine with prop speed reduction unit. Calculations are computer based and may vary with each individual aircraft.

Max Speed @ 5500 ft msl 242 mph Cruise Speed @ 5500 ft msl 225 mph
Stall w/Flaps 61 mph Rate of Climb Sea Level 1,156 fpm

To the left is a drawing of a typical horizontal tail rib. Each one is cut from 1/8" birch plywood.
To the right is a drawing of the horizontal tail in construction, with some of the fiberglass spar caps in place, before sheeting.
To the left is a closeup showing the aluminum spars and elevator hinge.

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