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My new Light Sport Aircraft Design, The AeroHawk!

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Come Take a Look at the Photo Project!

Are you building a scale model airplane and you need documentation? Maybe you just enjoy looking at photographs of old airplanes. I've taken literally thousands of photographs of old aircraft and I'm making them available to you. CLICK HERE to take a look!


Vortex Magnum

The Vortex Magnum - A Wide Bodied, High Performance, Four Place Aircraft

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The Mission

1. To design safe, comfortable, high performance aircraft that are affordable to most people.

2. To provide those "Non-Engineers" that are serious about designing a modern, high performance aircraft, the materials they need to do so safely, aerodynamically, and efficiently. This includes publications and on-line education.

About McMullan Aircraft Design

As you all know, the cost of an airplane is staggering. Even old, used airplanes are not affordable to the general population. Because of this, I set out to design an airplane that would suit my needs and be affordable at the same time. This quest has turned out to take much longer than I had ever imagined but I have learned much along the way. There were a few criteria that my airplane had to meet, they were:

1. Roominess. I am a big man and I want something I can fly in, comfortably.

2. Powerful. I live in the mountain west and I want and need an airplane that can fly in and out of the mountains. Powerful is a relative term. I want to cut horsepower requirements by utilizing low drag and light weight designs but still design high performance aircraft.

3. Inexpensive. This includes the airframe, engine and all other components of the airplane. As you may know, current aircraft engines are very expensive and expensive to maintain. For this reason, I want to explore the use of other, reliable, less expensive options such as auto engine conversions.

4. Ease of Construction. I want to design an airplane that can be built by most people without having to spend a fortune on tools and equipment.

5. Most of All - SAFETY. The airplane has to be safe or it simply is not worth building.


Watch an Airplane Being Born!

For the last few weeks I have been modifying and simplifying the JayBird. I've been drawing the structure in AutoSketch and I will be posting updates on the design work.

What I plan to do is design the airplane in AutoSketch and then have someone "build" the airplane in 3D with SolidWorks. Then finite element analysis (FEA) can be run on the airplane's structure. This will assure that the airplane is neither over-designed or under-designed. Parts that need to be strengthened can be re-designed before the actual airplane is built. If a part is built too strongly, it can be re-designed to save weight and size.

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