Our Mission

To design safe, comfortable, high performance aircraft that are affordable to build, fly and maintain.

The Vortex Magnum is the first airplane I designed. It is a high performance 4 place aircraft. It is powered by a Chevy LS-1 and PSRU. Click Here

As you all know, the cost of an airplane is staggering. Even old, used airplanes are not affordable to the general population. Because of this, I set out to design an airplane that would suit my needs and be affordable at the same time. This quest has turned out to take much longer than I had ever imagined but I have learned much along the way. There were a few criteria that my airplane had to meet, they were:

The time is now for autonomous air vehicles and taxis. A small two place or four place air taxi could commute to smaller airports or to the destination of the passengers.It could pick people at their homes and transport them to the airport. The ideas are limitless! This is my concept of a 4 place air taxi.
My Preliminary Design spreadsheet will help tremendously when designing your own airplane. Click Here

1. Roominess. I am a big man and I want something I can fly in, comfortably.

2. Powerful. I lived in the mountain west, I wanted and needed an airplane that can fly in and out of the mountains.

3. Inexpensive. This includes the airframe, engine and all other components of the airplane. As you know, current aircraft engines are very expensive and expensive to maintain. For this reason, I want to use an inexpensive and reliable auto engine conversion.

4. Ease of Construction. I want to design an airplane that can be built by most people without having to spend a fortune on tools and equipment.

5. Most of All - SAFETY. The airplane has to be safe or it simply is not worth building.

My latest conceptual aircraft. I'm calling it, "The Football." It is a low drag, low power aircraft but still should cruise at over 200mph. Click Here for more info.

When I began designing my own airplane, it was as much a mental excercise as anything. My job was very repetative and I needed something to stimulate my brain. I really believed that I could design an airplane and build it within a year. I located an engine, a Ford 3.6 liter V-6, and aircraft grade plywood. I built work benches on which I would build the airplane and actually started the construction.

As I got further into the design of the airplane, I changed many things. The

The AeroHawk was designed to fit in the Light Sport aircraft ratings. it uses a Rotax 912 or 914, 100 to 150hp. Click Here

Vortex Magnum actually began as the Vortex 230. I had planned on using the Ford engine in the airplane which normally yields approximately 230 horsepower. I contacted the late Dave Blanton who pioneered auto engine conversions in aircraft. I purchased the material he had for engine conversions and began to talk to other people who were actually flying in airplanes that use automobile engines. All this time, I was studying aerodynamics in much more detail and learning how to use computer software to design the airplane. All of these things have their own time in learning curves.

The Jaybird RX3T was designed as a concept aircraft for my book, Preliminary Desigh - Modern Aircraft Design for the Non-Engineer. Click Here. It is a two place - long range airplane built from wood and covered with fiberglass. It can also be built for the Light Sport category.

McMullan Aircraft Design did not set out to be a profitable venture. I had a full time job and a family that required much of my attention. I have learned that designing an airplane from the ground up takes time and a lot of it.

Throughout my experience in designing airplanes, I decided to make the information I have learned, available to others who have the same desire. Preliminary Design - Modern Aircraft Design for the Non - Engineer was born out of this endeavor. I believe that you will find Preliminary Design to be the most valuable source of information you can find on preliminary aircraft design. The software will save you hours of calculating ang re-calculating.


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is available on DVD.

The Photo Project is a DVD that contains literally hundreds and hundreds of photographs of dozens of aircraft. Close up views are available to help scale modelers and even for those of you who just love airplanes.

Photographs of aircraft all across the United States are included on the DVD. By purchasing this DVD, you have limited to rights to every photograph contained therein when used for your personal use.

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