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Concept Aircraft
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These aircraft were conceived because of different ideas that came up. For example, the Hoppy was designed because a friend of mine was wanting to build a two-place airplane. He needed an airplane that was safe, inexpensive and easy to build. Out of my conversations with him, the Hoppy was conceived. Will these airplanes ever be built? I have no idea but the drawings are here for you to see.

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This airplane is a two-place, tandem seat airplane. The cantilever wing has a constant chord for easy building. The aircraft can be built with tricycle gear, conventional gear or floats. As with all of my aircraft, the number one design criteria is SAFETY. Next, the aircraft needs to be comfortable and roomy and powerful. The Hoppy is designed for a four cylinder auto engine with a PSRU.

Wingspan 30 ft  
Wing Chord 5 ft  
Length 26 ft 2.5 inches  
Height 8 ft 5.25 inches  
Power 4 cyl Auto Engine with PSRU 120-150 hp
Gross Weight 2000 lbs  


I conceived this aircraft back in 1998. It was designed to look somewhat like the BD-5 but larger to make the aircraft more accomodating to "real" sized individuals. The aircraft seats two in a tandem seating arrangement with a pusher engine and retractable landing gear.

Wingspan 28 ft  
Wing Chord 5 ft root, 3 ft tip  
Length 21 ft 7.5 inches  
Height 8 ft 7.325 inches  
Power 6 cyl Auto Engine with PSRU 150-180 hp
Gross Weight 2500 lbs  

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